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  • Most individuals would be more open and therefore happier if our society were only more tolerant to our differences, differences that are far greater than we see daily.

  • Some act as though they need to pass an IQ test before they can think.

  • If someone, two-hundred years ago, had said that two-hundred years hence that one could sit at home and watch things happening half-way around the world and to talk to someone at the scene, no one would have believed such could happen; yet today some are regarded as preposterous when they predict a possible future. Although none of those predictions may happen, it is near certain that things even more preposterous will.

  • Being critical of oneself gives no license to be critical of others.

  • How frightening the world must have seemed to my grandmother who always made sure that I had clean underwear and socks on when I left the house, in case I was taken to the hospital.

  • If others are allowed to solve their problems, they’ll have a vested interest in its success, a motivation that will be lacking if told how to do something.

  • If someone is a vegetarian, does that put them lower on the food chain?

  • There is often controversy as to whether a painting is genuine, a controversy that often leads to a chemical analysis of the paint that was used. How can this be called art appreciation?

  • We can crush a bug in one second, but we couldn’t make one in a lifetime of trying. Such is life, so easy to destroy and nearly impossible to create.

  • When we remain mute in the presence of a recognized falsehood, the other might only be mistaken, but we lie by default.

  • Probabilities indicate that most lottery players will lose. Probabilities also indicate that most lottery players don’t understand probabilities.

  • It isn’t difficult to imagine which gender wrote: “love honor and obey”.

  • Passionate ignorance in the world is much more harmful than intelligent malice because the first is so common and the second so rare.

  • It is natural to think that the most durable of things is made of concrete, stone, or metal, but the most durable of things are none of these; the most durable of things are words, especially those words that express the truth.

  • In general guns don’t kill people, but in the specific the answer is different.

  • The world would be vastly improved if instead of trying to get the best of others that we’d try to get the best out of ourselves.

  • If someone is convicted by a jury of his peers, would that mean that the jury had to have been a jury of criminals?

  • Public opinion is mostly a myth because even the most cursory examination will discover the public’s opinion widely dispersed on almost any subject. The concept of public opinion has been created to act like an invisible electric fence to confine public behavior within the limits that some believe most benefits the public in general; this concept definitely does not benefit the individual in particular.

  • There will always be those that claim that you’re going the wrong way unless you’re going towards them.

  • The wars that are the least civil are the wars that we name ”Civil Wars”.

  • Unless we’ve know another well, we have little reason to either trust or doubt that person, for the person that we believe we know is likely just an image that another projects forth before us.

  • It should come as no surprise that the birds that roost in the top of the trees have some very distinct advantages over the ones that don't..

  • When others are slow to respond to our questions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re stupid; it may only be that they’re smart enough to give a considered response to our stupid questions.


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