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  • What greater tyranny is there over the mind of modern man than that of public opinion?

  • There are occasions when it seems that anything that you donít say, can and will be used against you.

  • Whether to be a boy or girl is the honor that the winning sperm gets to decide.

  • A false friend is more the product of our poor judgment than the betrayal of another.

  • When someone puts words in your mouth, itís best to not let them escape.

  • The only thing that we learn from those that agree with us is that they agree with us. What we learn from those that disagree with us, is that they disagree with us, and that there are other points of view that may be superior to our own.

  • Many like to exclude mankind as being a part of nature, but since we came from nature how can we not be a part of nature? Excluding mankind, the dominant influence within nature, is like excluding Jesus from Christianity.

  • There are cannibals about us each day that try to nibble at our confidence and self-esteem until we are no more.

  • Most successful works of fiction were popularized by being corrupted by a little truth.

  • There are many fuel additives that are added to gasoline to prevent fouling the atmosphere and creating smog; itís too bad that there isnít a language additive that could do the same.

  • It is likely that the winners of the rat race will feel even rattier than those that lose. Perhaps thatís why they won.

  • Were we persuaded to take the life of one that is certain to rob us, divide us from the ones we most love, and deprive us of most of our lives, then we would be persuaded to commit suicide.

  • Perhaps everyone is equal in the eyes of the law if all sides have equal access to representation, otherwise such claims are pure blather intended for the most naive.

  • Buying a lottery ticket has a negligible effect on oneís chances of winning. Not buying a lottery ticket has a discernable effect on ones assets.

  • To many, keeping a secret would be like having a piece of chocolate melt on their tongues without ever swallowing it.

  • Those destined to produce the most change in history are called revisionists.

  • We hear it said ďThereís more to that than meets the eye.Ē, we should always remember that this is true of everything, even when someone claims ďThereís less to that than meets the eye.Ē It is always impossible for everything to be known about anything just by looking.

  • When a nation or culture comes into being, most are united behind a common cause that succeeds because of its support; when a nation or culture becomes well developed, those that are present develop so many individual interests that efforts are dispersed and the nation or culture weakens.


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