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  • Witch hunters will always be with us, if only in hibernation, waiting for something to occur that they can brand “evil”, and pursue the destruction of with all of their indignant self-righteousness.

  • When a blind man goes hunting rabbits, one should either stay out of range, or keep talking close by him.

  • It is probable that human relations have improved century over century, but just the opposite seems likely to us because we can now witness the atrocities of mankind daily at home and in living color.

  • It is true that everything is explainable, but just not yet, at least by us.

  • There are some that like to contend that if you gave a million monkeys typewriters that they’d eventually type the complete works of Shakespeare; if true, we’d not know of that success because the works would probably be written in Monkey language. As far as being written in English, those million monkeys would die before the first sentence was written correctly.

  • There isn’t supposed to be any perpetual motion machine, but why isn’t the Universe an example of one?

  • As long as educators refrain from teaching basic probabilities to our school children, lawyers will be free to rape any corporation that they choose based upon faulty understandings of probabilities by both judges and juries. The fact that a high incidence of unfortunate conditions occur in proximity of “X”, or through ingestion of “X”, indicates absolutely nothing.

  • A great advantage of written interchange with others is the opportunity of studying what the other has written, and then to be able to shape and review a response before its dispatch.

  • Alcohol is the irrigation that problems use to grow and multiply.

  • If you are proven wrong in a heated argument, few things will elevate you more in the eyes of the winner as freely admitting that error, and nothing will decrease you more than to hang on to the original viewpoint as still being somehow correct.

  • If we would only scrutinize our own opinions as thoroughly as we do the opinions of others, we would not only have fewer opinions but more of those that are soundly based.

  • The emptiness that many feel within cannot be filled by food and drink, and cannot be filled by being surrounded by possessions, because the emptiness is not for want of matter but for want of self-fulfillment that is different for every individual, and has little to do with anything that is physical.

  • One of the blessings of Hell would be that we won’t have to put up with those busybodies that always know best how we should live; on second thought, perhaps that is all that Hell is, being surrounded by the righteous, each one struggling forever to have others believe the same way that they do.

  • Those that believe themselves to be free will never be free from the certain threat that will arise from those that are not free.

  • We all find the greatest comfort in being surrounded by those with like beliefs, and this is a part of human nature; to choose to be around those with varying beliefs is discomforting and is not a part of human nature, but it is a part of becoming different from what we were.

  • Every giant step forward is really a multitude of undetected minute steps.

  • Something is no truer because our friends believe in it than it is false because our enemies do.

  • Although spontaneity is highly regarded, we should all be glad that some people aren’t.


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Page 63 of  101

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