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  • Tact is like an iceberg; the most damaging parts are undetectable.

  • In a very real sense we have all been hitchhikers on the road of life, depending upon the kindness of others to enable us to reach our destinations. None of us started behind the steering wheel and all by ourselves determined what we would or would not become.

  • Those that most fear being looked down upon are those that are most desperate to find others to look down upon. Those that have no need of looking down upon others usually have no fear of being looked down upon.

  • Often it would be more realistic for the accused to make the plea: “Not guilty by reason of attorney”.

  • Those that envy, if denied hope for what they envy, will seek to destroy what they envy, and if unable to do this, will seek, by some means, to destroy those that possess what they envy.

  • Impatience seems to be a peculiarly human trait; the rest of nature is very patient and is quite willing to wait for our discoveries, assuming of course that our impatience isn’t for our own extinction too.

  • The thing that impresses us most about the intellect of another is their recognition of ours.

  • We seem to believe that those that are called superior have tastes that are so discerning that only a few things are acceptable; actually they are the most impoverished as it is those that find all in life enriching that are truly the wealthiest among us.

  • The more we unwind nature, the more we seem to understand what is all about us; at the same time, we discover that all things seem so improbable as to exist as miracles.

  • Though mankind has become the dominant force on our planet, we need to remember that in the planet’s book of time that we are only a small footnote, a footnote that is developing the ability to destroy its book.

  • If everything has a context, what’s the context for the Universe?

  • The marvel of inventions isn’t the wheel, but the axel that permits the wheel to be used; we never hear anyone marvel at the only thing that makes the wheel useful.

  • When a person is born that is distinctly different than others, there is a general tendency to shun that individual; the same thing is true when distinctly new ideas are born.

  • Some of our most pitiful citizens are those that have been sold into slavery where Style and Fashion have become their masters.

  • There are far more things that exist without proof than there are things that are proven to exist. For this reason alone, the non-provable beliefs of others should be respected no matter how illogical they may seem. 100 years ago, television would have seemed illogical in the extreme.

  • In any agreement to be signed, the finer the print is, the larger the significance.

  • There is a tendency within every culture to regard any particular form of mental illness as normal once its prevalence reaches a certain but undeterminable level.


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