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  • Those that complain about life and the world should just think what things would have been like had God worked through a committee.

  • If some possibilities are really remote, why do we keep running into them?

  • A threat is only an unwelcome promise.

  • Sometimes the bait on a hook will be only a group of words such as: “We have a special price that is available only for today.”

  • If those that are prone to whining and bellyaching would spend as much time being productive, they’d probably find little to whine and bellyache about.

  • Others will never believe you when you tell a truth when they would have lied.

  • It seems likely that posterity will judge us as having thought first about ourselves and about them not at all.

  • The majority of protestors protest because they are the minority.

  • Really, it is the harder you fall, the softer you become.

  • It is wise to plan for the future but not wise to worry about it, as it is certain that the future won’t worry about us.

  • Whether the Universe is stationary or moving through space is a question that only God could answer.

  • Money may not buy happiness, but it buys some pretty good imitations.

  • Intelligent behavior of groups varies inversely to the number within it.

  • One thing that is probable, is that the smarter we become at improving mousetraps, the smarter will become the mice that evolve.

  • It is easy to regard something that destroys part of what we create as inherently evil, but perhaps the destroyer is a benefactor in disguise as is the squirrel to the oak that destroys its acorns and in the process spreads its descendents beyond the reach of the oak.

  • The surest way to reduce the unexpected is to reduce expectations.

  • Are the scammers that defraud the elderly, also guilty of the Federal crime of age discrimination?

  • Will the fools of the world overcome the wise of the world? Perhaps they will because the fools know so little that they don’t hesitate to act, while the wise, who are full of doubts, hesitate.

  • If God was the father of Adam and Eve, did that make Adam the mother of Eve?

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Page 65 of  101

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