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  • In the places where prostitution is legal and they pay their income taxes, shouldn’t prostitutes be entitled to a depreciation allowance?

  • Did you ever notice, the first ten gates at airports are never used by humans?

  • The primary reasons that talk is cheap are because there is too much supply and too little demand.

  • Did you ever wonder why psychics charge for their services when they could make a fortune in the stock-market and horse races with much less effort?

  • Many of us need software that on occasion appropriately declares: “Stop immediately and get me someone that isn’t an idiot!”

  • Sometimes when we put our problems behind us, we put them where they can cause the most damage.

  • Whenever we encounter something that is certain to be impossible, it is near certain that all we are referring to are words about other words; anything that is thought to be impossible in reality, is unknowable.

  • Those that truly want to make progress will usually do so better all alone instead of trying to drag others along during the change.

  • Smoking three packs a day, drinking three six packs a day, and eating lots of trans-fats, all combined almost guarantees that you won’t get Alzheimer’s disease.

  • History does tend to repeat itself, but just not in detail but in broad strokes.

  • We must wonder why Saddam Hussein didn’t allow U.N. inspectors in to finish their inspections; perhaps he thought there was more danger to himself in his neighbors knowing that he didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, than in letting America think that he did.

  • Teenagers shouldn’t be shocked if they’re grounded correctly.

  • Did you know that each month that the dark side of the moon is just as illuminated as the bright side?

  • If there is a sucker born every minute, there are probably a thousand suckers displaying their wares every minute; after all, suckers don’t just commit one foolish act per lifetime.

  • Never mistake the noisy few as being a noisy many.

  • We become jaded to the miracles that abound around us in life itself; if a thousand scientists worked their entire lives, they would never be able to make even an ant starting with just the ant’s raw materials.

  • A time of ease is a time of decay; a time of struggle is a time of growing.

  • One picture is worth a million bytes.


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Page 66 of  101

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