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  • Those that reminisce should remember, the past isnít and never was what it used to be.

  • The rain that visits each life is only rain, a substance that always evaporates after first cleansing what it touched.

  • During the time that Hitler was in power, most Americans were scornful of Hitlerís absurd claim that Arians were the master race, however, many of those same Americans had, and have yet today, no difficulty in believing in the equally absurd notion than there is an inferior race. What is often ignored is that some sub-cultures are less able to adjust to changing times, and because of this those sub-cultures reflect ways that seem inferior to those that accept change. Americans need to be aware that the rapidity of change now occurring poses a risk for our culture also becoming inferior to those that welcome and promote change.

  • Those parents that assume what their children should be as adults, without taking their talents into consideration, are like someone assuming that any particular worm could become a butterfly.

  • After domesticating so many animals to live peacefully in association with humans, perhaps itís time that we next learn to domesticate humans as well.

  • Genetic engineering is evolution using a roadmap.

  • Technically, guns rarely kill people, but bullets do very often; however, when did anyone ever hear of a thrown bullet ever killing someone?

  • The happiest life often results from our original plans meeting a detour that takes us to where, had we been wise enough, we would have planned for at the start.

  • If the average individual doesnít reject your idea, then perhaps you should. If the average individual rejects your idea, youíre probably on to something.

  • Neighbors provide us with someone to look down on, and as good neighbors we provide them with the same.

  • People that have good heads on their shoulders never get hanged.

  • For an argument to long continue, it is a prerequisite that neither party understand the subject.

  • It seems like that for most newspapers, that good news is bad news.

  • If a tree falls in the forest, you wonít hear it if it falls on you.

  • Perhaps a stitch in time would save nine if we could only find out where time is torn.

  • The Laws of Nature are not what causes nature to happen; rather it is what happens in nature that causes the Laws of Nature to be accurately descriptive.

  • Thereís an easy way to get people to lose weight by reducing their food intake that doesnít take willpower or drugs; just them get a copy of Grayís anatomy and have them look at the pictures during mealtimes.

  • Almost every problem is easy to solve as long as itís someone elseís.

  • You can generally tell when a movie is based on actual events, because actual events are so unlikely that no one would have invented them.

  • Americans are increasingly looking to Hollywood actors for political opinions; how long will it be before they start consulting with grocers when they want opinions about acting?

  • Many conversations are the audio equivalents of Lava Lamps.

  • Educationís first objective should be to fill empty minds with curiosity; then learning will become unstoppable.

  • If it were true that what you donít know wonít hurt you, then there would be no such thing as food poisoning and no small print on contracts.

  • Perhaps we arenít alone in the Universe; perhaps weíre just in quarantine instead.


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Page 67 of  101

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