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  • It may be that we are the end product of evolution, but it is unlikely that we are the last.

  • We tend to think of space as being distant; however it is closer than the commute that many make daily.

  • Most of the time there is no safety in numbers, but there is a lot of danger.

  • In America today, nothing seems like success unless there is excess.

  • That the more you know, the more that you are aware of how little you know, is easily demonstrated by: The degree of uncertainty, as to the time of day, is directly proportional to the number of clocks in one’s home.

  • It always seems that other parent’s children would be easier to rear.

  • Lawyers are always careful to state that the accused is an alleged “so and so”; perhaps we should then call our lawyers “our alleged lawyers” and our congressional representatives “our alleged representatives”.

  • Have you ever noticed how many of the elderly that complain about life providing so little time, are also the same ones that complain about how little there is to do?

  • If the world is as ugly as sin as some say, perhaps they could be more specific as to which sin they refer to.

  • Almost 100% of all the energy that we use was produced by atomic reactions, and 100% of all the food we consume is a product of atomic reactions. It is easy to see why primitive man worshiped the Sun.

  • Do you suppose that when Mozart was a child that his parents told him that he should be seen and not heard?

  • Committees are to progress what mountains are to highway building.

  • Stupidity wouldn’t be so noticeable if it were evenly distributed; unfortunately there are those that seem to be trying to corner the market.

  • Those that denigrate money because you can’t take it with you should reflect on the fact that you can’t take the things that you buy with you either. At least with money, you might be able to grow it and keep it with you until leaving.

  • Alcohol is the perfect solvent for dissolving and draining away all rational thought.

  • One thing that makes going to sleep difficult is to think of how many things that could very well have happened but didn’t, though no credit to ourselves, that would have made life desperate instead of comfortable.

  • From the number of plastic flowers that we see today, you’d think that they’re easier to grow than real ones.

  • As a child I didn’t believe that the Universe could go on forever with out its having an end, and then I couldn’t imagine how whatever ended the Universe could go on forever either; this was and is as of today one of many of the things that we must accept as true even though the limitations of our understandings will never permit their being understood.

  • Education doesn’t involve teaching absolute truths; rather it involves teaching the way towards absolute truths while knowing full well that the way is endless.

  • We are all of the same land, but what seems to separate us is really only a shallow pond compared to the immense body of land beneath the waters.


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