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  • Nature always finds a way to twist the tail of those who think themselves to be its master.

  • If weíre at the top of the food chain, why is it that mosquitoes dine on us, but we donít dine on them?

  • It should be the role in teaching to unlock and open doors and then get students curious enough to want to see whatís next door.

  • Youíre wrong when you think that lifeís picking on you; all life is doing is trying to build character.

  • Some concepts are as difficult to grasp as a handful of Jell-O.

  • Often when a problem seems solved, it has only mutated to an unrecognized new problem.

  • We probably should have no fear that Spanish will displace English in America; what is more probable is that these two languages wild merge to become a branch of English, from one perspective, or a branch of Spanish, from another perspective.

  • In the past, most Americans lived during a period when the choices were to find the most positive alternatives; in the future, choosing will increasingly be to find the least negative alternatives.

  • We tend to look up to those that we never hope to exceed; we tend to pull down those that are above us if we want to exceed them.

  • One thing that is learned in maturing is that Nature is absolutely indifferent to either our sufferings or our pleasures, and that Nature will not intervene to cause one or the other.

  • Trying to force a belief into another is like trying to give a cat a bath pan of water.

  • Science tries to discover that which is more nearly true than was known before. Philosophy tries to discover now that which will be true for evermore.

  • The teacher that doesnít learn from the students is only half a teacher.

  • Rare is the group that ever gave rise to even a hint of wisdom; wisdom almost always flows from the individual, not from a group.

  • Remaining silent when that silence would knowingly cause another to mistakenly believe that you are in agreement, is like is like believing that itís alright to lie if oneís fingers are crossed.

  • Because of science, mankindís abilities increase exponentially while mankindís wisdom to employ those abilities moves forward with glacial vigor.

  • Many make up for their lack of thoughts by an abundance of words.

  • We are compelled to dwell in a universe of uncertainty; those that seek certainty seek to live in fantasy; all that can be done is to reduce uncertainty, not eliminate it. Uncertainty is reality; it is certainty that is unreal.

  • The Universe is like a vast waterless ocean without a shore.

  • We often hear ďAll good things must come to an end.Ē But when things seem black, it should be remembered that ďAll bad things must also come to an end.Ē


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