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  • In a very real sense, our happiness seems to be taken hostage by those that have an economic interest in our choices; they do this by dangling what looks like happiness in front of us in the form of something to buy; actually their happiness is only a decoy as real happiness can only come from within. This is far from denying that unhappiness can and often is caused by what is outside of us. The absence of unhappiness isnít happiness.

  • Much of what has been taught in schools is no more useful than learning the contents of a phone book.

  • Each day most of us experience a solar eclipse; it is called night.

  • The feeling of not caring can be a symptom of apathy as well as a symptom of maturing to the point when one has so well adapted to the world that no special requirements are needed.

  • The faster a clock runs backward, the more often it is correct.

  • There are those that seem as cold as ice, but like ice, even if ice is kept in a frozen state, their ice will sublimate and disappear with time.

  • When something bears down and produces constant anxiety, when possible, pay the price necessary to remove the burden and become free again.

  • No wave ever breaks on a shore twice and no two waves break on the same shore ever.

  • Do those that criticize virtually all of the changes that mankind makes as being unnatural, ever stop and consider what their lives would be like if lived in an entirely normal way?

  • No group is as susceptible to rumor as is a mob, and no other group is as likely to invent that rumor

  • Gambling tends to attract those that are desperate as well as those that are about to become so.

  • One shouldnít be concerned that others will steal their ideas; a great idea, even if posted on every light pole would only become an eyesore to passersby.

  • If I am to combat with an enemy, I pray that it isnít the kind of enemy that after I defeat him utterly, still waits around for another try, for this means that he will eventually defeat me.

  • Beware of the path, followed by all, unless wanting to become like all.

  • Desperate people will engage in desperate acts, and the most desperate will engage in the most desperate acts; these are reasons why we all should be concerned about the human condition around the world, especially in those desperate groups that have the power to act against those that they blame for their condition.

  • There is a strange personality that seems to get only one satisfaction from living, and that comes from rolling obstacles into the paths of others.

  • There was a time when our citizens lived so that those of the future would have better lives than they did; we now have those better lives and we now live in such a way that those of the future will be very fortunate to live as well as we do.

  • A critic is like someone that has never done brain surgery, watching those who do and determining whether they performed up to his standards or not.

  • It may be that the victors of future wars will be those that are defeated but refuse to acknowledge their defeat..

  • Only the most secure will ever benefit from criticism, and benefit whether the criticism was benevolent or malicious.

  • Few woes are as predictable as those discovered in the gifts offered by strangers.


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Page 72 of  101

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