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  • Good breeding is what unmarried teenagers should try to avoid.

  • All individuals want something to look forward to, and usually that something is outside of themselves; one of the great discoveries in living is to find that what can be looked forward to is that which we can continually discover within ourselves that needs no assistance from that which is outside of us.

  • Beware of those that want you to lend them your ears, because what they are really after is what is between them.

  • Those that we get to start eating out of hands sometimes don’t stop at its contents.

  • When individuals turn their backs on reality, reality refuses to reciprocate.

  • Contrary to popular opinion, no one has every seen an evil act, or a virtuous one either for that matter, even though we have all seen many acts that our minds have called evil or virtuous. The evil and the virtue are in our minds, not in the acts.

  • The dilemma that we most often face is not a choice between good and evil, but a choice between two things, that we believe to be good, but only one of which can be chosen.

  • The primary reason that so many marriages end in failure is because of the extreme emotion of love, do the choosing instead of the intelligent method of asking oneself:” Is this someone with whom I would want to spend the remainder of my life?”

  • Is there a logical reason why the word “I” is capitalized and the word “me” isn’t?

  • Perhaps we do live in the best of all possible worlds, but that is far from consoling to those living in the worst part of that best of all possible worlds.

  • The most surprising thing about gossip and rumors is that they are sometimes true.

  • Those that denigrate science because of its occasional errors; its elaborations; its premature findings, and its rejection of all of the unverifiable, would be hard pressed to find something more reliable on which to plan a future.

  • A stone that merely sits creates no change while one that is moving changes what is before it; this is another way of saying that a constant produces no change but a variable does. It is surprising how often, if we listen to others, how often an explanation is expressed by saying how something that is unchanging (a constant) produced a change (a variable).

  • Perhaps the reason we have the habit of closing our eyes while kissing is that both parties would be turned off and start giggling by looking into a pair of crossed eyes.

  • Problems should be looked at like barbells in a gymnasium, put there to strengthen us, not to defeat us.

  • Using words that one should expect the listener to be unfamiliar with, is not an effort to communicate; it is an effort to impress, an impression that is most often negative rather than the positive one intended.

  • When one is around someone that seems to speak incessantly, there is no reason to try and get a word in, as no matter what you may say, that person is only waiting for your silence to begin in order to resume their blizzard of words.

  • Those that are indifferent are like prison wardens that never lock their cells, they don’t care if their prisoners remain, and they also don’t care if they leave to harm again; indifference is like neutrality taken to the level of absurdity.

  • Blinders are placed beside a horse’s eyes to keep the horse focused on what the rider or driver wants; in much the same way, all cultures place certainties within its citizens’ minds to make sure that they focus on what that culture wants its citizens to believe.

  • We like to believe that we understand the world about us, but we understand nothing, not even the simplest of things; for instance, no one can fully explain how we move a finger to just point at the world that we pretend to understand.

  • It is easy to be so caught up in achieving and acquiring those things that our culture says that we should that we completely overlook achieving our own inner-development and overlook gaining the insights into ourselves that are necessary for inner-fulfillment. Failing to do so is why so many feel emptiness within.

  • Insightful ways of viewing things will always be perceived as a threat to the comfortable many, because they are.

  • Fame is temporary immortality in the minds of the famous.


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