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  • Computers have greatly enabled us to recognize our incompetence at the speed of light.

  • It isnít what peoples say behind your back that matters, but what they whisper.

  • Alchemists, who were some of the best minds of their times, long tried to change lead into gold when they could have been changing words into gold as so many do today.

  • Ambivalence can be used as a weapon in war or as an advantage in competition when ambivalence can be created in an opponent. Ambivalence usually results in hesitation. Although false in many circumstances, the saying ďHe who hesitates is lost.Ē is on target when in competition.

  • Violence is very often the response of those that canít reason and for this reason alone, we should instruct reasoning as soon a possible to our young.

  • Acting and deliberating are inversely related to the number deliberating.

  • One thing that can be held while not touching is a conversation.

  • Temptation would more likely be resisted if instead of delivering us from temptation that the temptation would be delivered from us. Who likes the idea of being delivered anywhere unless it was the place of our choosing.

  • As others have touched our lives in profoundly positive ways, but they were never aware of doing so, so also do we touch the lives of others, yet we remain ignorant of doing so, just as the ripples of life continue onward and ever spreading.

  • Perhaps the fear of public speaking explains why mimes exist.

  • I donít know where they are, but somewhere there must be aerobics classes for tongues.

  • If global-warming is the result of our utilizing fossil fuels, how is it possible to avoid global-warming as long as we take fossil fuels from the earth? Virtually all of these will eventually go into the atmosphere. Thus all of our concern about global-warming is meaningless unless fossil fuels are left in the ground; all we can do otherwise is affect the rate of global-warming.

  • The difference between a cult and a culture, is that the last is not judged by those in its midst.

  • To possess great knowledge and to possess great wisdom, that isnít used for some purpose other than to impress others, is like erecting a windmill in a land where there is no wind.

  • It is said, about life, that it is better to wear out than to rust out. But, it may still be better to stay and rust out, than to bug out.

  • There is a virtuous cycle in life that causes oneís virtuous thoughts to produce virtuous acts; acts, which in turn creates further virtuous thoughts, etc. Just the opposite cycle explains why there are such extreme differences between those that want to benefit others and those that want to destroy all of that which will benefit others.

  • Adversity acts like the blows delivered by a blacksmith; they can shape as well as misshape depending on the blow and the mettle of the recipient.

  • The most predictable factor in a coupleís remaining together is obvious; they both must want to travel in the same direction towards the same ends, and by the same means.


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