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  • History is more often written in blood than ink.

  • Canned laughter is the show’s admission that without the can there would be no laughter.

  • The most important questions in every life are not asked of us by others, but what we ask of ourselves but cannot answer.

  • Schools tend to be like factories that produce young people as consistent in content as is possible.

  • Woe to those that have to live with the kind of person that repeatedly pushes an elevator button to hasten its arrival.

  • When molten metal or glass is poured into a mold, they conform to the shape of the mold; to the extent that our culture is able, it tries to melt our individuality and pour us into the mold that most fits the culture’s ends, not our own.

  • Those that are not happy for the happiness of those about them are undeserving of the same happiness.

  • In spite of our education, it is still possible to remain curious to learn, and just as importantly, to unlearn.

  • When money talks, no translator is needed regardless of where you are,

  • If there were a confrontation between the ignorant and the learned, it is likely that the strong convictions of the ignorant would overpower the doubts of those that hold knowledge to be only probable.

  • When nobody believes, lies and truths hold hands.

  • Any age can become a “Dark Age”; all that is required is that most shut their eyes to the rays of enlightenment.

  • Nothing is as delusional as believing that we understand our massively complex existence in a massively complex world.

  • Only in America would anyone feel insulted by telling them that they’re as good as anyone else.

  • It is unfortunate that we continue to think of the Universe, and everything within it, as obeying the laws of nature. Inanimate things don’t have the ability to obey anything; rather we should think of everything having properties. We, like the rest of the Universe possess properties, but because of our complexities, no two individuals have or will ever have the exact same properties.

  • In a criminal trial, the accused will be found guilty or not guilty, but it is really the prosecution that is on trial to determine if they succeeded or failed to prove guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • Logic is the grammar of clear thinking. Grammar is the logic of clear communication.

  • One of life’s seldom taught lessons is how to receive a gift graciously without feeling obligated to reciprocate, but yet retaining a need to remember.

  • Words need to be chosen carefully because of the danger of inadvertently harming another. If only we possessed a kind of security device like they have at airports that we could pass our words through to see if they possessed any harmful connotations.

  • The most direct route to happiness lies in reducing our wants. The most direct route to unhappiness lies in increasing our wants. The economic basis of our culture is to expand our wants. Is it any wonder that our happiness is so fleeting?

  • Perhaps the best things in life are free if all of the non-free things are paid for first, like food, clothing, and shelter.

  • The belief, held by many, that there is some kind of conspiracy with them as it target, is a form of egotism; to believe that this kind of conspiracy exists presupposes that one is important enough to conspire against, a supposition that is almost always ill-founded.

  • Newspapers are becoming “approximation papers”.

  • We often see that the wealthiest are the most frugal with what they could spend, while the most poor are extravagant with what they could spend. Perhaps this observation points to one of the chief causes of why some are wealthy and some are poor. 7*

  • Anything is capable of being overdone, and as far as the Earth is concerned, humans are in that process now.

  • A rumor is like a living thing; the longer it remains, the bigger and more complex it becomes.

  • The more we know, the more we know of how much is unknown.


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