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  • Except for the rarest of circumstances, whenever we find ourselves thinking that we would be happy if only something in our surroundings were different, we have just told ourselves a stealth lie to prevent our admitting to a deficiency that is hidden within us.

  • Other than emotional gratification, little comes from sharing a common belief; it is the disagreement about our beliefs that opens the possibility of benefiting in ways other than emotional.

  • Choosing to change is to hold hands with time; choosing to not change is to go to war with time.

  • One of the greatest advantages of communicating on paper instead of speaking is that one can retract the words before they were expressed; one of the greatest disadvantages is that once expressed, they cannot be denied.

  • When there seems to be order without chaos, it is only because we look from afar.

  • When life has stripped us of all that is soft and pliable, what remains, as a hard core, is character.

  • If we require that others only affirm us and never negate us, we place the yoke of dishonesty on them if they are to remain near us, and they should never be trusted in their affirmations.

  • To be able to choose between alternatives, is to be human, and the more alternatives to choose from, the greater is our humanness.

  • It is one of mankind’s greatest strengths that we have become so interdependent instead of our just being individually independent; but, this becomes one our greatest dangers when we allow the division to strengthen and cause us to fray and disintegrate into individual pursuits only.

  • No society has ever accepted those that are committed to finding truth at the expense of disclosing the falseness of the culture in which they are imbedded.

  • One is under no moral obligation to honor a commitment when the other party has first clearly violated the commitment; to continue honoring such is to place oneself under the arbitrary rule of another.

  • Most interpersonal communications don’t communicate information as much as they communicate the feeling of being accepted.

  • Those that are skilled have learned how to imitate the various sounds of wild animals and entice them to be attracted to the source of that sound; humans are no different except the calls to accomplish the same thing are just more complex but usually requires less skill.

  • When we spend time, who is the recipient? When we spend time, we never receive any change, even when we overpay; also we need to remember that there is always a “No return- No exchange policy.”

  • Our culture writes the scripts for our lives; it is up to us to either abide by it or write our own.

  • The most average family in America would still be non-average in many ways.

  • We are the products of our ancestors, but we are not those ancestors, but we are the ancestors of future generations, all of which must carve their own futures from the shapeless times that are yet to be.

  • Never trust or rely on those that claim to have no regrets in life.


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