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  • Choosing to not acquire the skills that society needs, is like choosing to sleep under a tree where a flock of birds roost.

  • To defy authority is most often an invitation for authority to impose its will harshly on those that defy; to oppose without defiance most often produces change without retribution.

  • Statistical results, like beauty, are in the mind of the beholder.

  • Originality is most often seduced into entering the forest of conformity, never to be seen again.

  • In a situation, when another asks our opinion regarding what that person has done, and we don’t like it, should we be truthful and risk offending or lie and run the risk of being revealed as a liar? If we are truthful, future affirmations will be of greater value. If we lie, future affirmations may be less so. If truthfulness is intolerable to another, can a relationship endure except at the most superficial level?

  • There are many shortcuts between the womb and the grave, and many more are being created daily for those who are impatient.

  • Geniuses, of all kinds, are those that possessed great gifts at birth that somehow escaped becoming imprisoned by conformity.

  • When we carry a stone to a summit to make the mountain higher, we need to remember the millions that made the mountain.

  • Reality doesn’t know how to reciprocate when ignored.

  • People usually mean only half of what they say unless what they say is mean; then it’s 100%.

  • The advice that we give to others must be so highly valued that they put it safely away never to be used.

  • Man is not necessarily corrupted by violating laws, but all laws are corrupted when they violate man.

  • Our reversals in life should be like getting food poisoning, in that it doesn’t stop us from eating, except temporally.

  • Most rumors are the illegitimate children of speculation.

  • It is nonsense to believe that if there were enough monkeys at their own typewriters that one would eventually type out “War and Peace”. All of them would die of old age before any did the first page even if incorrect punctuation were ignored. Even the word “enough” couldn’t transform this idea into a truth except in theory.

  • Successful journalism is discovering that which should be praised and that which should be ignored, and then inflating what should have been ignored.

  • Every opportunity to provide a kindness comes with an expiration date which reads –“now”.

  • No matter how much the applause, life provides no curtain calls.

  • It seems that whoever it is that issues poetic licenses ought to be fired.

  • One of the strangest things, about telling a lie over long periods, is that the liar starts to believe the lie.

  • There is a very large difference between those in touch with reality and those that embrace it.


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