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  • Those that criticize America, for having our values upside-down, forget that a grade school teacher can earn more in a lifetime than a number one draft pick in the NBA can earn in a whole month.

  • Although we are humans, we are humane to lesser creatures in seeing that they suffer as little as possible and put them out of their miseries when hope is gone; when it comes to being humane to humans, we become sanctimonious and require that they suffer and not be put out of their miseries even when all hope is gone.

  • One of the nicest things about dogs is that they never criticize, and from this we should learn.

  • It is surprising how many of us feel competent to judge the judgments of others on matters that are so complex that no one is competent of understanding the incomprehensible. To believe that we are competent on many matters is delusional. 7*

  • Most of the obstacles of life can be met just like a river when it meets a boulder; it just flows around it, leaving it behind, just as it was before.

  • The fine line between sanity and madness is composed of dust only, and can easily be dispersed by the winds of social turmoil.

  • Football and hockey are wars with enforceable rules.

  • Accidents will increase in direct proportion to the amount of benefits that they produce.

  • The future arrives only one moment at a time, while the past accumulates memory at a time.

  • It should mean nothing to an individual, that others may think themselves better, that is, unless one has doubts about oneself already.

  • The world would be much worse were it not for personal ambition; but it would be better still if some had less.

  • Dividing a people into classes is a mindless division of several continuums into meaningless clumps.

  • Can there be any hope for mankind as long as we more value the clothes that are worn than the character within?

  • Although time flows by ceaselessly, cameras are able to capture and freeze small bits of it.

  • Even in the absence of the government, confession can and will be used against you.

  • The opportunities of each day are as perishable as the ticking of a clock.

  • We can judge anything and anyone; but to understand, that is the difficult part.

  • When shopping, it is best to wear both your glasses and your ear plugs.

  • When you see no light at the end of the tunnel, make one at your end for those that wish to enter from the other side.

  • Try to replace anger with being perplexed at the negative behavior of others; this will reward you with peace of mind and often cause the offenders to become perplexed in return.


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