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  • History is an excellent teacher; unfortunately, that teacher has few students.

  • Mankind is fortunate that we have a few that like a lighted candle, are in the process of illuminating for others as it destroys itself.

  • A future of increased enlightenment is not guaranteed, as the dark forces of ignorance, dogma, and superstition gather to destroy the enlightenment of the past and present.

  • As long as fossil fuels are taken from the earth and burned, the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere must increase. The only alternative would be to revert to living as we did before the nineteenth century. We are not going to do this, and therefore, if greenhouse gasses are causing global warming, then global warming is certain.

  • Although it may seem perfectly natural to be attracted to a pretty or handsome face, one has to wonder why evolution would have placed such an inclination within us.

  • Theories, not born of facts, are destined to live perilously if not stillborn.

  • Expecting others to behave fairly is rational only if all have agreed to comply with the same rules; in the absence of such agreements, it is wise to assume that others will be playing different games with rules of their own.

  • The most beautiful objects, and the most beautiful people, all lose their beauty when viewed through a microscope. Beauty, as well as many of our thoughts, requires overlooking most of the smallest details.

  • It is strange that some states will outlaw gambling but will still permit farming.

  • The main purpose of fashion is to destroy last year’s fashions.

  • When it comes to books, reality is much more original than fiction.

  • Much loyalty comes and goes with one’s fortunes.

  • Flattery is half truth and half lie dipped in honey.

  • One of the advantages that comes with the forgetfulness of ageing, is that one’s library can devolve finally into a book or two.

  • Remember, it may be that the person that “turns the other cheek” is saintly, but it also may be that he is only waiting for you to turn your back.

  • If we are inclined to climb to a great height, we shouldn’t fault others for not placing a net below us.

  • One thing, that we have today, that will be near worthless tomorrow, but would have been precious could it have been had just one year ago, is today’s newspaper.

  • A garden is a population where one’s friends and enemies are easily recognized.

  • Even when gossip starts its journey as a truth, it arrives finally as an untruth.

  • A mob is the growth of a group that was fertilized by a common anger.

  • Heredity is a handy thing to keep around for the times when one can’t escape the blame for an apparent character flaw.

  • It is helpful to regard all printed material as history, and not as something that describes the present; telephone books, dictionaries, instruction manuals, menus, etc. all describe what may or may not have existed at the time of their printing, and perhaps more importantly, may or may not be relevant to the present and to the future.

  • Emancipation may have freed the body from slavery in America, but it did little to emancipate the brain that remains slave to custom, dogma, ritual, public opinion, style, and ignorance.

  • A house is not a home, especially if it’s named “The Mustang Ranch”.

  • It seem strange that some of the very people that decry racial and religious prejudices, are prejudiced against those that align strongly with a different political party than their own.


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