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  • It seems that those that are the most intellectually challenged believe that if they don’t understand something, such as Darwinian evolution, then it doesn’t really exist.

  • Many that believe that the love of money is the root of all evil also seem to believe that the hatred of money is the root of all good.

  • Time seems to fly faster, the more years it has to carry.

  • Much of the environmentalist’s aim is to prevent the prosperity of others, while hiding behind the guise of preserving nature.

  • Every upward step in mankind’s understandings of himself and nature has created a multitude of those that want to drag mankind backwards towards the abyss of ignorance.

  • Often the obsession of zealots for social change is only thinly disguised and watered down envy.

  • Many of the most bigoted are those that have long suffered from bigotry.

  • Freedom, purchased with the blood of those that went before, never came with a warranty.

  • Few things are as destructive to a culture as an intelligent anti-intellectual.

  • Minorities have become one of the greatest sources of intolerance. No longer wanting just equal rights, they now require that the nation bends to their demands by their becoming more than equal through being given preferential rights.

  • Isn’t it strange that something that is said by an ordinary individual may be disregarded, when the same thing said by someone that is popular is regarded as brilliant?

  • In “The Land of Astrology”, the astronomer is thought to be superstitious.

  • There is often a vast gap between the objectives of a popular cause, and the motives of those that are the most active in that cause.

  • Those that like to express the popular saying that some only care about the “Almighty Dollar” should reflect that on every day of their employment, they have sold a part of their very lives for that same “Almighty Dollar”.


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