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  • Many a lighthearted jest contains a shard of truth.

  • The only laws that cannot be circumvented are those made by Nature.

  • Although 10% of an iceberg is above the ocean’s surface, we know that the other 90% is below even if it is never seen. As it is with knowledge also, except it is very doubtful if we can “see” even 1% of what is knowable and nothing of that which is unknowable.

  • Ingratitude, like a fishbone, is difficult to swallow.

  • We should never forget the harm that we’ve done to another, lest we do the same again in our ignorance.

  • Our natures are seldom the same as those that our culture tries to imitate; that is one of the reasons that humans take so long before they are regarded as mature.

  • Islands can be looked at as places of retreat with very large moats.

  • The editorial page of newspapers is becoming contagious as it infects the rest of the newspaper through its selection of what is the news, what page to place certain news on, and whose opinions are quoted.

  • It is common for those that have lived most exemplarily lives to judge themselves most harshly, while those that have lived most carelessly judge themselves not at all.

  • The concept of justice creates dilemmas in application. It is said that it is better to not convict ten criminals than convict one innocent person; but suppose that one of those ten is a mass-murder that has killed dozens and will kill dozens more before being tried in court again? Is one innocent person convicted worth more than the lives of dozens?

  • The easiest place to lead others, is to where the followers perceive that their needs will be met. The most difficult place is to where the followers perceive that only their leader’s needs will be met.

  • When a culture is in decline, and teeters on insignificance, its members cling most closely to its language like a drowning person to anything that floats. We are never as alone as when we are in the presence of another that refuses to talk.


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