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  • The present is like the period at the end of a sentence in a paragraph, - tiny but still the end of all that preceded and just before all that will follow.

  • A library is the tomb of the thoughts of mankind throughout the ages, just waiting for reincarnation.

  • Violence, when used against those that have different beliefs, acts like a smelter and forge that turns bits of iron into a sword.

  • The predispositions of a listener, lubricate the successful launching of a lie by another.

  • The chronic liar is handicapped in this world by never believing those that tell him the truth.

  • It is impossible for a happy marriage, and perhaps any marriage, to endure when each party wants to go in different directions; this would be like a team of horses, pulling a wagon, but deciding to go their separate ways.

  • Anything that canít be measured should be regarded as hypothetical.

  • Although change is the one constant in life, the kind of change isnít.

  • To the miserable, the sweetest story is of the greater misery of another.

  • The mistakes of the past are all waiting in line to be reincarnated by the next generation.

  • We seldom dislike another that likes the same music that we do.

  • The numbers of those, imprisoned by any country, is a testament to the failure of that country.

  • Newspapers tend to focus on those things that are most alarming; and the reason that they do so is because we need alarm to interrupt our boredom.

  • To discover safety in numbers, one must first be like the numbers.

  • Repeated denials become a confession.

  • When around some individuals, to speak at length is like sending up a series of clay-targets for a skeet-shooter.

  • The only things that are perfect are those things where we ignore their imperfections.

  • The mere fact that we never doubt something adds or subtracts nothing from its existence.

  • Everyone always looks better with a bulging wallet.

  • Much of we regard as progress today, will someday, be regarded as regress.

  • When individuals gather together to plan harm to another we call that a conspiracy; but when individuals gather together to produce good, we have no similar word.

  • Many a plan is detoured by the words of others that say that the plan wonít work. Many successes have come from not taking detours.

  • Some days are too slippery to seize; and other days seem capable of seizing us.


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