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  • A true gift should not create a debt in the recipient; and if the recipient feels indebted by receiving, then the recipient has destroyed the reason for giving.

  • It is true that actions speak louder than words; but actions also speak more truthfully without ever shouting.

  • Pay a worker less than his worth and he will try to pay himself more than he’s worth.

  • Few things will ever weaken a strong nation and a strong people, as will a long period of prosperity.

  • It is said that before we can understand another that we need to walk a mile in his shoes; but actually, we also need to walk the very same mile, a requirement that can seldom be met.

  • Some people’s need of others share that kind of need with a leach.

  • Why do those that claim to love their neighbors so resent their neighbor’s success?

  • Beware of those that have no hope.

  • What the world needs today are those that can make molehills out of mountains.

  • If we fail to become masters of ourselves, others will not fail in doing so.

  • Never defend yourself before being accused, or after being accused either, since either defense tends to be interpreted as guilt.

  • In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man will never receive rest.

  • Saving money without a willing wife is like sailing without hauling anchor.

  • Often, when we tell another to think again, we are really telling them to think for the first time.

  • Many speeches are like a bellows,-lots of air but no meaning.

  • Those that cut the pie should get the last piece.

  • It also follows that dogs that go to bed with people will wake up with fewer fleas.

  • Monuments of stone are subject to the wear of time and weather and the ill-intent of man; monuments of words escape the wear of time and the weather, and often the ill-intent of man also.

  • Finicky appetites are never found among the hungry.

  • Even the wise may succumb to the fool, but that is very far from an even bet.

  • A late apology is only an admission and not a regret.

  • None are as patient as the dead.

  • Misfortunes tend to come, not as a falling rock but as an avalanche.

  • When another runs out of resources, he brings out his barrel of promises.

  • Within anything that we regard as an evil, lies hidden something that we would call beneficial; and within anything that we call beneficial lies hidden something that we would call evil, that is most frequently revealed by the extremes that we use in applying what was once only beneficial.

  • We tend to think that the invention of the wheel was a giant leap forward; but the wheel is only a part of the discovery, for without the wheel having a connection to an axel, there would seldom be any use for a wheel. The combination was the discovery that mattered, not just the wheel,

  • Power almost always plants and waters it own seeds of destruction.

  • If we are in Rome, we are supposed to do as the Romans do; but since we are in our own cities, does that mean that we should do as the others in our cities do? If so, this is a directive to be an ingredient in a pot of porridge, indistinguishable from one part to another.


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