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  • Oneís word is one of the most valuable things that one can give another; yet the giving enriches the recipient as well as the giver.

  • One of the most likely causes of our disliking minorities is that we sense that we have much to fear from those that weíve wronged.

  • Do not depend on those that speak often of luck, whether it is of the good or bad kind.

  • It would be interesting to know if the volume of the Great Pyramid is as much as the volume of sweat that was shed in its creation.

  • Those that seem to lack the ability to manage themselves shouldnít be allowed to manage others.

  • Talk is cheap because of its great abundance. Silence is golden because of its great scarcity.

  • It is the short-lived that will defy overwhelming power.

  • There are times when a person is using a computer when it is easier to believe that the computer is using us.

  • The most lasting thing that we make is not carved in stone; rather it is what is put on paper.

  • We often find that the loudest heads, like the loudest drums, contain only air.

  • The wealthy worry about losing their assets while the poor worry about losing their asses.

  • If you go hunting bear, itís best to not forget that the bear may be hunting you.

  • When we see the moon, we see its surface, but when we see the sun, we never see its surface; rather we only see the light that the sun produces,

  • There is no splint to heal a broken word.

  • Even though the truth may be buried, it will not decay, but remain as it was when buried.

  • Variety is the spice of life, and in some instances, the end of it.

  • Our deep inner needs can only be filled with that that is discovered within, and frustrated by supplying that which is without.

  • Most of what we learn isnít taught, and most of what is taught isnít learned.

  • Those, with a bent of mind to say that they tolerate some others, are obviously in need of being tolerated by others.

  • Tomorrow is not owned by us, but put up for bidding each morning.

  • No word was ever spoken that had any meaning; but, many things have been meant by all of the words that were spoken.

  • Trust is well founded when we trust others to act in their own self-interests; it is up to us to make sure that they believe that their interests are intertwined with ours.

  • In the America of today, we take vanity, adorn it with nothingness, and call it pride.

  • Madison Avenue has discovered that it is just as easy to create desires in the public as it is to create the objects that are desired.

  • If war were a cure for anything, the treatment wouldnít have to be administered a second time.

  • When others continually express understandings of what you say, they either donít care what you say, donít want to show their lack of understanding, or believe that their false understandings are really true.


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