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  • To assume that the Universe has a purpose and that this purpose somehow involves us is the most outrageous form of arrogance that mankind is capable of conceiving.

  • Wonder is a type of aesthetic characterized by a deep appreciation for all of that which is known, unknown, and unknowable.

  • Perhaps a word to the wise would be sufficient; but to the unwise, a whole book may be insufficient.

  • In many efforts, it isn’t the amount of work that is done, but the amount of work that is done per unit time; for instance ten pounds of effort per second is more likely to accomplish some tasks than one pound of effort over ten seconds, even though the total effort is the same for both.

  • The most certain way to increase problems in the future is to continue using the solutions that worked in the past.

  • The test of evolutionary success isn’t what is right or wrong, but what enhances survival; and that is what evolution would call right were evolution able to speak.

  • To find a friend that has no fault will first require finding someone that has no such inclination.

  • Trust and mistrust must be earned; everything else is neither.

  • The news media is like the bellows of a forge that can, at will, take embers and cause them to rage and distort facts as a forge does metal.

  • The irrational behavior of a group increases roughly in proportion to the square of its increase.

  • Many of us look at our lives as rigid containers that everything else must fit into in order to be accepted; however, if we look at our lives as being like a fluid, we can flow ourselves into whatever shape that life requires of us. Adaptability is essential in a changing world while rigidity leads to extinction.

  • In much of the world, the struggle to make ends meet means that one’s own ending is met.

  • Even if you could fool all of the people all of the time, why would you want to unless you existed in the total absence of conscience?

  • Our penitentiary system works so that if anyone is wrongly imprisoned, when released, a criminal will have been created.

  • Even though Darwinian Theory indicates that the fittest species will survive, war seems to be mankind’s way of reversing that theory, as the least fit remain at home to reproduce while the fittest go off to die in combat.

  • Looking into the heart of another is like looking into a mirror in that we see many things in a mirror that are not in a mirror.

  • Many gifts come with part of the giver’s hand permanently attached.

  • A source of light, created in a darkened windowless room, will only illuminate that room, because that room’s walls will cause the whole world to be cast in the walls’ shadows; and so it is with what we could share with others that we confine only to ourselves.

  • Many of the lies that we hear are only hopes and dreams being expressed, and deceive no one except those that speak them.

  • The miserable are only made more miserable by the company of those that are happy.

  • All opportunities come with a “Use by” expiration date.

  • The terrorists of today have united the mentality of the Dark Ages with the weapons of modern warfare.


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Page 86 of  101

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