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  • The questionable history of the limitless past and the assumptions about the limitless future are divided only by our certainties of the fleeting present.

  • To what extent that we find ourselves so attached to anything that we feel that we couldnít freely give it up, to that extent we are tethered to that thing. We are thus less free because of that attachment, and the most enslaved of all are those that have the most attachments that they feel that they canít live without. The mind operates in the same way when we develop beliefs that we would regard as impossible to abandon, thus enslaving our minds in the very same way that we have enslaved our bodies.

  • Often, the best thing about getting a firm grip on reality is that it wonít let go of you.

  • Beware of those that advise you about a path in life for which they have never traveled.

  • No matter how high the cost of living, we still begrudge the bargain.

  • Making friends is more an act of discovery than manufacturing.

  • Donít be angry just because another may think that he is better than you; after all what goes on inside of his head is his concern; what you allow to go on inside of your head is your concern.

  • Disorder is the rule of Nature, not order; what we call order in the Universe is disorder being perceived from a far; what we call order here on Earth, is disorder being perceived in ultra-slow-motion.

  • Before the world can owe anyone a living, the living has to first be deposited in the world.

  • The main source of philosophy for most is found on the rear bumper in front of them while in a traffic jam.

  • Many regard the ability to remain unaltered by oneís surrounding forces, as a sign of strength; but, it is that inability or unwillingness to change that has doomed those that went before, while those that permitted themselves to change, evolved and prospered. Those that encouraged the change prospered most of all.

  • Be careful when someone tells you that theyíre not themselves today, because it might just be that theyíve morphed into a stranger.

  • It is not enough to be in the right place at the right time if you are not in the right frame of mind to act.

  • Our tendency to be unhappy and dissatisfied with what we have should be tempered by just remembering that in much of the world, happiness would be found in just having clean running water in oneís home even if there were no hot water.

  • It seems to be that those that are dissatisfied with merely putting one foot in their mouth will go for two without any urging.

  • Those that seek to cause envy in others are more deserving of pity than of envy.

  • By the news-media focusing attention on particular bits of news, to create widespread interest, it is easy to see that the news-media now manufactures the news instead of merely reporting it.

  • Those that seem to believe that the world revolves around them are usually the ones that seem a bit dizzy.

  • Everyone wonders who invented the wheel without ever wondering who invented the axel that permitted the wheel to be useful. Without the axel, the wheel is but a childís toy.

  • Dwell in the present but be intimate with the past; for it is the past that most clearly reveals what others are most likely to do now and in the future.

  • To help us focus on what is important, it is helpful to classify the things that we want to be changed into two different groups: -those that we care enough to act upon, and those that we prefer, but donít care enough to act upon. In this way we arenít distracted by the irrelevant; this permits us to become focused on only those things that really matter to us.

  • One test of reality is to determine if it is infinitely divisible; if it is, then it isnít.

  • It is easy to change how the world about us appears; all that need be done is change what is within us.

  • Perhaps the greatest fraud, imposed on modern man, is the belief that happiness will result from having the things, which culture alone, has caused him to want.

  • Even though into each life some rain must fall, try to think of the rain as cleansing your world of those things that are of little matter.


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