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  • When paying a compliment, donít expect to get any change.

  • To not make enemies isnít difficult, as it is merely the duty of a rock unless it is thrown at another.

  • Our focus shouldnít be on whether our glasses are half-full or half-empty, but focused on what is inside the glass.

  • Since our culture has made it more important to have acceptance than to have character, itís no wonder that so little of the latter can be found.

  • The things about us that are logical are only those things that humans have created; if we wish to think about those things, that man didnít create, we need to step outside of reason in order to discover that which didnít originate in reason.

  • Some look at marriage as a kind of bondage to another; but when chosen well, marriage can be like providing that second wing so that both of you can soar.

  • The most that we should hope for in our education is that we have acquired the tools that will be needed to start our education on how to live.

  • Older generations seldom err more than when they judge the present and future by their own pasts.

  • We are all aware of the placebo effect when one feels better only because of the treatment administered. There is also a negative-placebo effect when one feels worse only because of some unwanted event. When we can, we need to focus on those negative events, and try to discover some positive aspects within most of them, and focus on them, thereby turning even these negative-placebo events into positive-placebo events.

  • In a slowly changing culture, the words of the elders are relevant and revered; in a rapidly changing culture, the words of the elders are generally ignored unless the serve as points of departure.

  • If you persevere against obstacles, and persevere against opponents, you will succeed, as it is rare that obstacles cannot be overcome, and remote that opponents will be like you in their unwillingness to quit.

  • The easiest way to keep cold out of our lives is to move to a climate where there is none; likewise, the easiest way to keep negativism out of our lives is to chose to be surrounded by those that have none.

  • We need to be sure, that as children grow up, that they also grow a rudder.

  • To rear children without the knowledge of the consequences of their acts is to rob them of their most successful teachers.

  • People, like gold mines, never appear as to what they are until careful investigation.

  • Whenever we see aberrant traits in others, tells us more about our lack of insight into ourselves, than it does of our ability to see into others, as it is very likely that we possess the same traits but of a lesser magnitude

  • It may make us feel good to believe that we are masters of our futures; but we can never know beforehand what that future may be and therefore we can only guess as to whether we or it will be the master.

  • In a time of calm, reason will overcome those that reason poorly; in a time of tumult, those that reason poorly will have the strength of their unquestioned beliefs that will overpower those that hesitate because of their reasoned doubts.

  • When most of the people of a culture start believing a stupid thing, it only means that a stupid thing has gotten very popular.

  • Even those that create styles reject them as unworthy; but, they generally wait a year before letting us know.


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