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  • The public apparently doesnít know what it wants until television lets them in on the secret.

  • A newspaper once said that they printed all of the news that was fit to print; today many newspapers choose instead to print all of the news that is fit to be made up.

  • When we are inside of a house, we canít tell what it looks like from the outside; likewise, we must view our lives from the inside, never being sure of what we are like on the outside; this is because there is no mirror to life except in how others see us.

  • In every success and in every failure, there is an abundance of randomness; unfortunately almost every failure recognizes this and almost every success denies it.

  • When we tell someone that if they do, or if they donít do something, that we will be hurt, then we are holding ourselves hostage in an effort to control another without regard to the needs of that person.

  • Were it not for the fear that women might actually be superior to men, men who had the power to suppress, would not have opposed a world where women could compete with men on an equal basis.

  • Smoking is the perfect cure for bad breath, but sometimes it takes years for it to work perfectly.

  • We shouldnít be concerned about being out of style in what we do, as long as we are in character.

  • One thing that I wish humans had, that cats have, is the ability to purr when everything is perfect.

  • There are some that seem to think that reality can be voted into existence; therefore, they never tire of trying to convince others of their realities, which are, in fact, only their opinions.

  • Change in our future isnít like an escalator that only moves us upward, but more like an elevator that can go either up or down depending on those that have the power to move civilizations.

  • Civilization is mankindís feeble attempt to remove chaos from a small corner of the Universe.

  • Trying to outsmart the Internal Revenue Service is like dancing with an elephant in that you will need very long arms at that dance.

  • He who laughs last is supposed to be the one that laughs the best; but, it might also be that he is the one that is just slowest to catch on.

  • In warfare, quite often it is the anvil that wins and the hammer that loses.

  • Permissiveness in child rearing is like solving the problems of lawlessness by getting rid of laws.

  • With many, learning tends to stop at graduation; but, if curiosity somehow survives education, learning not only continues, it accelerates.

  • Terrorists that try to obtain nuclear weapons apparently have as their motto: ďNever put off an apocalypse until tomorrow when you can have one today.Ē

  • The challenge before us is to cause following generations to develop in a state of security that is based on knowledge and not fear; if insecurity is what is developed, then a rush to power and dominance is guaranteed.

  • It is probable that nature is totally indifferent to us; but it would be folly to be totally indifferent to it.


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