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  • Those that sit on their hands while others labor with theirs are usually the first with their hands out to ask for handouts.

  • Zealots hold their opinions the way that oceans hold their water, in that neither can be emptied.

  • When those that are arrested and informed that anything they say can and will be used against them in a court of law, what reason is there to say anything unless they are also told that anything that they say can and will be used to exonerate them in a court of law?

  • Money may not talk, but its absence screams.

  • Contrary to what we generally think, each day is on the earth for forty-eight hours.

  • The opinions of others matter greatly when forced to deal with others, but in dealing with oneself, otherís opinions should have no more gravity than that of a distant star.

  • We can guarantee that the future isnít what we thought it was.

  • The future requires that we not manufacture children like so many cans of corn in a cannery; rather that we produce children like craftsmen produce furniture, taking the grain, hue, and strength of the lumber into paramount consideration before making the first cut.

  • Fame is usually acquired with a very short expiration date attached.

  • The best advice is like a friendly dog that comes only when called and sits without ever demanding attention.

  • Some seem to think that if two wrongs don't make a right that they need to keep trying until they find how many does.

  • When "money talks" many hear it say "Spend me immediately".

  • Every new idea comes into the world feeling like an orphan that no one wants to adopt, sometimes not even its mother.

  • Those that fail seem to be unanimous on one opinion, that success is the result of luck.

  • The respect that money buys is as genuine as a hooker's affection.

  • Every new idea, by definition, means that the holder of that idea is the entire minority.


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