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  • One of the things that most encourages a child to excellence is when he demonstrates to his parents that he is correct about something and that they are mistaken. This is a moment to be treasured, and not a moment to be humiliated.

  • Many conversations are little more than talking to oneself In the presence of another.

  • If ever there comes a time when the present and future seem dark, that is the time to become a lamp.

  • One of the biggest problems of knowledge isn’t that we need more of it; rather, it is that we should make more use of what we already have.

  • They keep telling us to “Seize the day.”, but they never tell us what to do with it.

  • The novice in loving runs the same risk as the novice in eating wild mushrooms.

  • Those that live by the sword today will have a very short lifespan since most live by the AK-47.

  • Why is it we that we attribute disasters to acts of God and lesser things to Mother Nature?

  • With greater emphasis on quality control, many of the things made today last longer; something that apparently has quality control problems that causes them to deteriorate faster, are marriages.

  • Beware of the person that is motivated by a long-range plan; because he cannot be diverted by what he likes or what he fears.

  • Advertising has done an excellent job of bringing desire to the many but has done a poor job of bringing happiness to any.

  • Homes are those small areas of the world where we create our own universes; because this is so, we shouldn’t be surprised at the diversity of individuals that were once, as children, living in these highly varied universes and wanting to continue doing so today, especially when homes are often occupied by two that come from two very different universes.

  • We learn nothing in recognizing the faults in others; but we could learn something of ourselves by trying to understand why we take any notice at all of a fault in another.

  • How is it possible to feel free as long as we are pressed into social conformity?

  • There are some, so light of character, as to be threatened by a gentle breeze.

  • Although history tends to repeat itself, what makes history most believable is that historians tend to repeat themselves.

  • If Cupid were born today, don’t you suppose a stun gun would be his weapon of choice?

  • The biggest problem of those that dream today is they dream not their own dreams; rather their dreams are transplants, sent to them in order to fulfill the dreams of others.

  • Americans would probably be more willing to accept changes were it not for their sneaky suspicions that someone somewhere might actually make a profit from those changes.

  • Justice like beauty resides solely in the minds of the beholders.


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