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  • Everybody comes into a relationship with some baggage; fortunately for us, airlines donít charge extra.

  • In most fields, those that have excelled bear the right to criticize those that havenít; in literature and the arts, itís just the opposite.

  • When a society recognizes an obsession that it disapproves of it labels it an addiction. When a society recognizes an obsession that it approves of it labels it a virtue. When societies change, so do the labels.

  • Time is one thing that whether you spend it or whether you save it, disappears at the same rate.

  • The class struggle is only a symptom of the more basic struggle which is the struggle between ignorance and knowledge.

  • In general, the more credit we give to others the more that we will be given.

  • This is the time when credit cards are more often honored than one another.

  • The road to success goes both ways.

  • Perhaps the greatest danger in becoming a leader is that it makes it so easy to be stabbed in the back.

  • What we call progress is less a product of change as it is a product of definition.

  • Patience will reveal the weakness of a competitor while haste reveals our own.

  • The yeast in a juice digests its sugar and produces alcohol which eventually kills the yeast, in much the same way that we today relish life while producing our own poisons.

  • We often hear someone say that: ďPossession is nine points of the law.Ē Perhaps this is true, but it may be irrelevant if there are a thousand points.

  • Ignorance of a law may not be an excuse, but it sure can be an explanation.

  • The person that goes into business to be his own boss has instead gained hundreds.

  • If the trend of today continues, the fact that the meek shall inherit the earth, wonít be a recommendation for meekness.

  • When another indicates that something is either good or bad, and you disagree, it is no different than if the other person said that they liked chocolate and you disagreed.

  • One of mankindís most unifying forces is when individuals share the same phobias.

  • Matters, which are widely disputed around the world as being true, are probably all false.


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Page 93 of  101

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