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  • There are those that seem to believe that everything should be put off till tomorrow since you never know, they might die today.

  • Perhaps the best way to test the hearing of another is to whisper a word of praise.

  • It is interesting that many of the strongest proponents of mankindís origin as being that of nature tend to also claim that much of what mankind does is unnatural.

  • Perfect crimes are committed daily; what makes them perfect is that they are never detected as crimes.

  • In our efforts to be funny, we show our weakness; because our attempts at humor are a disguised form of seeking the approval of others.

  • Perhaps the ideal match up would be when a masochist and a sadist fall in love.

  • Those who are always walking on clouds tend to go wherever the wind takes them.

  • It is probably always an error to tell another that they donít know what they are doing because it is almost certain that they do know; what they most often lack is an understanding of the consequences of what they are doing.

  • Those that cling to the past shouldnít be surprised to find that tomorrow leaves them there.

  • It is a nice compensation that in our helping others, we become happier; however even if we didnít become happier we should do so anyway so that another becomes happier.

  • The world is filled with those that have grown but are lacking growth.

  • If we live in the best of times, as well as the worst of times, then we are living in an average time.

  • To provide only sustenance and medical help to the desperate of the world is to magnify the problems of their next generation unless we do more.

  • Those that knowingly speak offensively have either a deficiency in the ability to express themselves or a surplus of contempt for others, and in all probability both.

  • Perhaps today, the most important thing to learn is how to unlearn what was learned that was false.

  • We must always remember, as we emerge from the black abyss of ignorance and fear, is that the forces of darkness always reach out to hasten our return.

  • Blessed is the person that finds something so captivating that it consumes him for the rest of his life.

  • It is easy to ascribe what a leader is, - that person is one that others want to follow. To ascribe certain attributes to leadership tends to ignore the nature of those that will follow and the circumstances that they will confront.

  • It is easy to despair when everything looks dark; however, unknown to many is that even rainbows appear at night, but only to those that look for them.

  • Opportunity is found most often within what others ignore.

  • There may be some problems that we canít solve but all we can ever know is that we didnít solve them.

  • It is useless to try and teach something new to a person that knows it all.

  • Few things arouse the animosity of the many as one who doesnít submit to the dogmas of the day.

  • An orderly mind doesnít require an orderly world.

  • For many people, self-delusion is a survival technique.

  • To the severely paranoid, the therapist is only a conspiratorial extension.

  • The young want to change the world; while the elderly only want to change the channel.

  • Winter is only the gestation period of Spring.

  • Time flies even though it is wingless.

  • History repeats itself but only as a whisper.

  • A bachelor is a man that is too good for a woman or too poor to support one.

  • There are those that tend to talk in sentences that have no periods.

  • What were they before they became experts?

  • Most chit-chat is an echo resonating from the empty canyons of the mind.


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