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  • Holidays are days that are set aside to show us how we should act towards one another each day.

  • Perhaps we are better off to never forgive another, if that were because we never accused in the first place.

  • Shunning someone because of their beliefs is rather like cutting down a flagpole because of its flag.

  • Many like to blame scientists for many of today’s problems. This is like blaming an airplane wreck on the Wright brothers.

  • What one achieves in life may be 10% determined, but is at least 90% determination.

  • Striving for status is an attempt to deceive ourselves into believing that we are more than we know ourselves to be.

  • Freely admitting error is the Heimlich maneuver for expelling the self-delusion of perfection.

  • The fact that you fool me doesn't make me a fool, but if I fool me, then that does.

  • No one can by their actions, create obligations for another. Obligations come into being only by our freely choosing to commit to future conduct-- a commitment that must always be honored.

  • When at sea on the ship named "Cherished Beliefs", ultimate courage is shown in our willingness to go overboard, clinging only to a conflicting truth.

  • A true gift is like a robin's song- enriching without expectation of any return. A gift that is given with the hope of reciprocity is really just an attempt at barter.

  • Sometimes individuals deceive themselves into believing that they are who they pretend to be.

  • No one can shake hands with their fists.

  • Many find fault without having a clue as to how things might have been done better.

  • Success is most often reached only after we have enough failures to stand upon to extend our reach..

  • The beauty of a woman has set many a man’s foot on the slippery slope to ruin.

  • If not dying is one’s hope, than we aim to be no more than a stone that also can’t die. Not dying entails activity, not mere existence.


  • Before a horse can be of any use to mankind, it must go through a process called “breaking” when the horse will suddenly or slowly submit to the wishes of the person “breaking” the horse. The methods of “breaking” can be gentle or violent with many methods being in-between.

  • The same process is used in getting the child to submit to the wishes of its culture. The process involves denying much of what is within in order to submit to that which is without. Fortunate is the individual that was never “broken” by external means, but instead came to the conscious realization of what the minimum compliance that society would tolerate yet still preserve much of what will remain free and untamed without undue external sanctions. Within each of us is buried what we really are smothered beneath an overburden of what society says that we should be.

  • Until that free spirit is discovered buried within us and set free, any happiness will be a compromise between what societies want us to be and what we each can become.


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