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  • It may be "That time heals all wounds", but time may still leave very deep scars.

  • All life is a continuum divided by definitions.

  • The more insecure we are in our beliefs, the louder we become in order to drown out our doubts.

  • Nothing is as corrupting as moral certitude. More atrocities have resulted from this than all of mankind’s other beliefs.

  • Life is a short one-way street that has neither parking places nor speed-limits.

  • Hoping to acquire wisdom without experiencing life is like hoping to discover a mine that yields cut-diamonds.

  • One’s arrogance would vanish if it were just remembered that every individual is only a brief protoplasmic flash in a universe whose size is not only beyond anyone’s comprehension, but is also imbedded in a time sequence that has neither beginning nor end.

  • Reason is like a beacon from a lighthouse when lost in a stormy sea of emotion.

  • The innate desire to be part of a clan, explains why we tend to shun those that are different, and why we tend to identify with those in power, even when they are irrational.

  • There are those that take pride in believing that they have no character-flaws. What they should be doing is giving thanks for not encountering the circumstances that would have revealed the character-flaws that each of us have.

  • There would be many more happy marriages if both parties paid more attention to what is inside the other’s head, and less to what is on the outside.

  • Some silly questions sometimes grow up to develop into treasured insights.

  • Nothing increases our prejudices more than the fear that the targets of our prejudices may actually be superior.

  • Going through life with knowledge and without wisdom, is like taking a long walk on only one stilt.

  • When the mind starts a wandering, just follow it and see where it leads.

  • The only backseat driver that we should listen to is named Conscience.

  • To keep a fruit tree bearing fruit to its capacity, branches need to be pruned regularly, the same way our beliefs need to be pruned regularly to be replaced by newer beliefs that will bear the fruit of our new thoughts.

  • Those that are disposed to search for conspiracies are sure to find them, even in the sun and moon that conspire to hide the stars.

  • If entrance into Heaven were based entirely on how a life is lived, most of our dogs would be waiting for us there, assuming that we qualify for the journey too.

  • The word “honor” is passing into historic obscurity, as few individuals seek it except as a façade; this is because honor requires that one always act according to one’s conscience even when in opposition to all public pressures. Such behavior is rare and getting rarer.

  • Curiosity is a lighted fuse that detonates the mind into a burst of desiring to know; this is a fuse that is so easily snuffed in a child with unwise sayings such as “Curiosity killed the cat.”

  • To shun an offer of help from another is to deny that person the opportunity to feel more valuable than would have been so otherwise.

  • We like to think of ourselves as strong and self-sufficient, but such thoughts are doomed to frustration, as each of us are like vines, vines that may grow towards one another and be mutually supportive in our efforts to rise higher than if we were alone; some of us grow towards ideas and ideals that aren’t necessarily shared by those close at hand, but those of another time and place, that then provide the necessary latticework for our own upward growth.

  • Worrying about the future is like paying the toll on a toll road that you may never travel.

  • Life is great but unusual theater; we have to pay to get in, and then pay again to exit.

  • Mankind is reluctant to break the chains that bind primarily because it was mankind that forged them.

  • It isn’t difficult to imagine which gender wrote: “love honor and obey”.

  • Being called “not normal” should be regarded as an unintended compliment since the world has a surplus of those that are normal and a pressing need for those that aren’t.

  • Passionate ignorance in the world is much more harmful than intelligent malice because the first is so common and the second so rare.


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