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  • An untruth used with the intent to deceive is called a "lie". A truth used with the intent to deceive is called "politics".

  • Censorship is society's condom for prevention of different thinking.

  • The appeal of socialism to intellectuals is primarily due to the fact that their attention tends to dwell in the theoretical world, rather than in the practical world.

  • "Waste" is the value of whatever is expended, that is recognized as being in excess of the value of what is received. Thus, only the one that expends is capable of determining if waste exists.

  • There are many that are so consumed with envy, that they seem willing to spend two dollars to prevent the envied from gaining one.

  • Great success should have a label attached which reads: Warning! This product tends to be very corrupting.

  • When a dam bursts and kills, every drop screams out-"I'm innocent!" (passive collective guilt)

  • The groups that call themselves "progressive" usually expound the primitive principle of taking from those that have, to give to those that they choose, and in the process create nothing.

  • Personal integrity is revealed by how little difference there is in our behavior when no one is looking.

  • Complacency about the loss of a single liberty is like wading into the Amazon River knowing that a piranha eats very little.

  • A "sacred cow" produces no milk while it is consuming one's objectivity.

  • Corruption is anything that tends to move anyone away from that which is verifiably true.

  • Most people's political affiliation has more to do with their neuroses than their reasoning.

  • That privately owned firearms are used to kill people should be expected. Long before firearms and to this very day, religion has been used to kill many more. Perhaps religions should also be banned?

  • It is justice to punish an unjust person. Far worse, is for justice to punish a just person.


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