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  • Prayer may be the only thing that travels faster than the speed of light.

  • The more insecure we are in our beliefs, the louder we become in order to drown out our doubts.

  • Nothing is as corrupting as moral certitude. More atrocities have resulted from this than all of mankindís other beliefs.

  • There are many that believe that if God hasnít performed up to their expectations, then God doesnít really exist. This like believing that if a President doesnít perform up to our expectations, then the President doesnít really exist. Existence isnít contingent upon believing.

  • Those that believe that they understand the mind of God either overestimate their own minds and/or underestimate Godís.

  • If we do a benevolent act, hoping to be rewarded by God, then arenít we just trying to barter with God?

  • If we refrain from an evil act, hoping to not be punished by God, then arenít we regarding God as a kind of extortionist?

  • Atheists donít kill one another over their beliefs. Agnostics donít kill one another over their doubts. Tens of millions have been killed over the certainties by those that profess a belief in God.If the same were true with any other class of people, that class would be called criminal.

  • Nothing increases our prejudices more than the fear that the targets of our prejudices may actually be superior.

  • Choosing to believe in the Devil, vastly underrates mankindís do-it-yourself ability.

  • God doesnít have an address anywhere in the known universe, because God exists entirely within the spiritual universe that we can only sense and never discover by observation.

  • Some Christians do a great disservice to Christianity in opposing the belief of evolution. At one time the dogma that the sun revolved the earth was also a part of Christianity. To place the words of Jesus into the same context as Creationism, incurs the risk that both will be abandoned by many, as Creationism most certainly will by nearly all.


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