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  • When we permit another to help us, we grant the other the gift of their life's increased value.

  • An enlightened person never renders a positive or negative judgment. An enlightened society only judges to encourage behavior by positive judgments, or to discourage behavior by negative judgments.

  • Obedience to style and acceptable behavior is the modern equivalent of the slave-master's whip.

  • Sometimes, one observation is worth more than a thousand assumptions.

  • The most absurd intolerance of all is to reject others only because of their beliefs.

  • There is no trophy as hollow as that for an argument won.

  • It is justice to punish an unjust person. Far worse is for justice to punish a just person.

  • We should keep in mind that there are many unfortunates in the world to whom it might seem "That the wage of sin is life".

  • Nothing can be thrown further, then when we throw caution to the wind.

  • Casting blame is just a subtle form of crucifixion of someone we deemed deserving.

  • Seeking the perpetual good opinion from others is like climbing a flagpole on a sinking ship.

  • When one looks through the microscope of introspection, one is forced to look into "the world of what might have been".

  • One of the great challenges in life is to learn to love changes whether we like them or not.

  • The greatest threat to mankind isn't atomic weapons. Rather it is the blind adherence to dogma and irrationality, plus the tendency to cling to ignorance as if it were a virtue.

  • If anything you design is to be foolproof, don't feel secure unless you plan to live in a world of only fools.

  • In planning for the future, we cannot avoid peering through the distorting lens of times past

  • “I am.” Is as short of a sentence that we can make, but is also one of the most profound; for in our being we proclaim that we are not part of a whole, but that we are the whole of our own existence. Being the entirety of an entity means that we aren’t obligated by our existence to conform to the standards of others any more than they are obligated to conform to ours; we are free to pursue our own goals as long as they don’t destroy another’s pursuits; we are free to suffer the consequences as well as the rewards of our acts, and that we are free to continuing existing without any restraints from others as long as we don’t obstruct them. In other words, “I am” embodies the profound declaration, “I am free.”

  • Those that withhold a kindness for concern that it won’t be returned or appreciated were only considering providing an obligation, not a kindness.

  • One of the reasons so many of us fail in life is because many of us fail to read the owner’s manual supplied within each of us, and instead resort to reading the manuals that are intended for other models.

  • Those that seek to be envied, seek to bring out the worst in others.

  • Hunches are worth considering but not worth depending on, as we generally have no idea whether they originated in subconscious reasoning or subconscious madness.

  • It is best to open our doors and permit our fears to enter so that they can be destroyed, otherwise, they will always remain outside placing us under siege.

  • The ocean never tires of breaking helplessly on the shore, yet that breaking eventually wears away mountains until the sea no longer has a shore to break upon.

  • It is true that we can’t make a new beginning, but we can still make a better middle.

  • To many, the road to Failure is by way of Success, and for others, the road to Success is by way of Failure, as it all depends on what we do at those important junctions along the way.

  • When we remove the peril of saying the truth, fewer lies will be.

  • The shortest distance between two points is always when the points touch one another.

  • One of, and perhaps the greatest tragedy of modern Americans, is that they live in the best of times, and in the best of places, yet measure their happiness on a scale that focuses on what isn’t in their lives that they still want, instead of focusing on all the positive aspects that are in their lives, and because they already possess them, they no longer have want.


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