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  • Some say "Virtue is its own reward". If this is so, then a yet greater reward follows when not expecting any reward at all.

  • If we were faster to understand weíd be much slower to anger.

  • It is a happy circumstance to reach old-age and discover that within one's self, there is a child that is still growing up.

  • Much of what we now "know" will tomorrow be regarded as preconceptions.

  • Freedom as a state of existence can never exist because of our physical constraints. Freedom as a direction exists only in increasing our choices. Freedom as an absolute state can only exist in one's mind, as the feeling of being totally unconstrained.

  • How can anyone feel competent to judge others, when it is so obvious that we are incompetent of judging ourselves?

  • Our tolerance for those that are different from us is only one stepping-stone on the way to realizing that there is nothing to tolerate. Mankind's differences should be welcomed as one of mankind's greatest strengths.

  • Most unhappiness is not evidence of any deprivation, but evidence of a civil-war within us that can only be ended by discovering the grounds for a truce.

  • When a dam bursts and kills, every drop screams out-"I'm innocent!" (collective passive guilt)

  • "Hate" is only fear, wrapped in aggression and ignorance.

  • Personal integrity is revealed by how little difference there is in our behavior when no one is looking.

  • The size of one's character is directly related to the size of the things that one finds irritating.

  • Mankind will always be ignorant of the magnitude of its ignorance.

  • If love for another is blind, then love of self is deaf, dumb, and blind.

  • Mankind's tendency to territoriality extends to domains that have no physical existence.

  • "Fear of Failure" is an efficient accomplice in life's failings.

  • Were it not for fear of the truth, none would lie.

  • The problem isnít that people arenít full of energy; they are; the problem is that itís all static energy.

  • To evolve or not to evolve isnít the question; itís the requirement if we are to have a future.

  • Perhaps time can heal a broken heart, but no amount of time can ever heal a broken promise.

  • Most of our problems are much encouraged by paying attention to them.

  • Most men are as old as whom theyíre feeling.

  • Methuselah was supposed to have lived to be 969 years old. At the rate that Iím shrinking if I live that long Iíll be about three inches tall.

  • Bringing forth unhappy memories that are buried in the deep recesses of our minds are like exhuming the same body repeatedly and performing the same autopsy over and over.

  • One antidote for fear is faith, a remedy that is used by many religions to allay the dread of death.

  • It should come as no surprise that the birds that roost in the top of the trees have some very distinct advantages over the ones roosting just below.

  • It is strange that so many more of us have the courage to risk our lives while so few are courageous enough to risk the judgments of others by being as different as we really are.

  • Each day is but one place that we pass on the river of time, a place that we are never permitted to disembark and embark again, until one day we are forced disembark without choosing.

  • Some people seem to avoid reality as if it were the third rail which if touched might be fatal.

  • Those that see no light at the end of the tunnel should focus on becoming the light for those at the other end.

  • We donít suffer from our lack of strength as much as we do from our unwillingness to use the strength that we already have.

  • To keep our pasts and our shadows behind us, we need always to face towards the light.

  • Each snowflake is like no other, the same as each of our moments, but it is easy to regard either as just another one like all of the others.

  • Extensive education is like a full tank of gasoline; curiosity is like the sparkplug that ignites and consumes the gasoline as needed.

  • Those that favor censorship show that they donít trust others as much as they trust their own judgment about others.

  • Many like to exclude mankind as being a part of nature, but since we came from nature how can we not be a part of nature? Excluding mankind, the dominant influence within nature, is like excluding Jesus from Christianity.

  • Many go through life like tourists just looking at what passes by, and never knowing where the tour buss is going next.


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