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  • Irrational thought is very often caused by believing that our conclusions are observations.

  • Certainty is mankind's most contagious delusion.

  • Those that believe that they are superior to others merely in their being have just expressed the essential quality of inferiority.

  • Many like to compliment themselves when they find others of like beliefs by saying "Great minds think alike". But donít many small minds also think alike?

  • Those that contend that money is the root of all evil are very often the ones most frustrated in seeking roots.

  • It is certain that money canít buy happiness, but it is handy to have some when you want to rent it awhile.

  • Most often, the relationship between desire and what benefits us is as inversely related as the relationship between aversion and what harms us.

  • During manís long evolution, his clans would have been in constant peril from predators and other clans. Today, few clans exist with the same structure of that time. Because of this, mankind creates many "mental clans" such as sports teams. Thus we see why sport-fans respond to wins and losses as though their very lives were in peril.

  • Those that are secure in their beliefs feel no more threatened by otherís beliefs than an elephant does for a mouse.

  • In the contest between beliefs and verifiable truths, in the long-term, it is always wise to bet on the latter.

  • If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc., it doesn't matter if the duck knows it's a duck or not, it's still a duck.

  • We are what we are, and perhaps not what we like to believe we are.

  • Perhaps one is only mistaken when assuming "that might makes right", but one is always foolish to assume "that right alone makes might".

  • Nothing can be true merely because an authority has said it. It can only be true if that person has accurately described it.


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