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  • War's beginnings flow from a river that contains no honor or just causes; but rather it is mortally polluted by the poisons of prejudice, greed, envy, pride, fear, and old hatreds.

  • An enlightened person never renders a positive or negative judgment. An enlightened society only judges to encourage behavior by positive judgments, or to discourage behavior by negative judgments.

  • As the shepherd would not employ practices that reduce his flock, so also would the leaders of the underprivileged avoid economic policies that would reduce their flock, even though they state that this is the exact purpose of their policies.

  • Sometimes, one observation is worth more than a thousand assumptions.

  • Even the most irrational person is sometimes more rational than those that lead.

  • Nothing victimizes a person or a people more, than their belief that they are victims.

  • A Democrat regards as greedy, anyone that has more money than they do. A Republican regards a slacker, as anyone that receives more benefits from the government than they do.

  • Few practices are as destructive to human progress, than the tendency of those that are famous to disguise their neuroses as thoughts that the many than accept as entirely rational.

  • Shallowness of thought is the main cause of verbal incontinence.

  • Often, personal tastes are perceived as divine imperatives to be imposed upon others.

  • For anyone to regard a picture of the human body as pornographic is rather like regarding the Sistine Chapel's ceiling as graffiti.

  • Abuse, following the acquisition of power, follows as surely as does the tail of a coin following the head. Total exceptions of this in an individual are so rare, that over time it is wondered if such a person ever existed.

  • Certainty is mankind's most contagious delusion.

  • The wisdom of a fool is worth more than the foolishness of a thousand geniuses.


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