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  • A miracle is an event that occurs that seems impossible. When one that disbelieves asks for an example of a miracle, the result is almost always the same. That person says "That couldnít have happened, because thatís impossible."

  • Any dogma that clearly denies mankindís nature persists only because it seems that "the authorities" must know something that the other believers donít.

  • If devout people are so certain that they will go to heaven, why are they so earnest about avoiding death?

  • By pretending to believe, weíre hoping that God is an impulse shopper.

  • The path to finding God is seldom found by traveling the wide corridors presented by theologies. Rather, the path must be hacked through the jungles of the many obstacles within our minds throughout the remainder of our lives.

  • Whether free-will exists or not, is entirely an academic matter of no consequence. All that is important is that the assumption of free- will exists.

  • What could be more theologically arrogant and intellectually barren, than to proclaim that one's beliefs are the only beliefs that offer salvation, while all other beliefs are a path to Hell?

  • God wouldn't cease to exist if all of mankind were non-believers, but mankind might.

  • How can anyone feel competent to judge others, when it is so obvious that we are incompetent in judging ourselves?

  • Our tolerance for those that are different is only one stepping-stone on the way to realizing that there is nothing to tolerate. Mankind's differences should be welcomed as one of mankind's greatest strengths.

  • There are many that believe that their religion has been granted "God's Franchise" so that they can determine those that are worthy and those that are unworthy.

  • If God judges mankind, then shouldn't it be for what was in our hearts, and not to whether successes or failures were achieved by our good intentions?


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