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  • It is very common to find that the more a family earns, the greater their debt. Expenditures donít just rise to meet income; they tend to rise to meet wants.

  • Self-improvement is never an accident; it is the conscious effort to be better. To believe that self-improvement will come of its own is like believing that a ship, after losing its rudder and compass, will drift to its intended destination.

  • We are always told that we should honor our commitments and pledges, but suppose one has unknowingly committed or pledged to something that is later found to be evil; is it a greater virtue to honor those commitments and pledges, or is it a greater virtue to violate them?

  • The reason so many of our daily problems seem so large is that we hold them too close to us; we can even hold a saucer so that it will hide the whole world, and the heavens above.

  • We should never mistake fluency and assertiveness for honesty, as these traits are well developed in con-men.

  • It may be that a personís character is measured by the willingness to rise after each fall; it is wiser however, that before standing again one should first determines what caused that fall and what can be done to prevent its reoccurrence.

  • Hyperbole, half-truths, white lies, hypocrisy, and exaggerations are all the first-cousins of lying.

  • When someone says: Itís not the gift. Itís the thought that counts.Ē next time just see what happens when you send just a thought.

  • Secrets should be regarded as what we tell others when we want something to be widely known.

  • Perseverance isnít beating your head against a wall to get on the other side, rather itís looking for another way to go around, under, or over it until successful.

  • The chief object of gossip is very often the chief originator.

  • We need to remember that if we lean on others, we fall if they do.

  • Whatever one does, it will be criticized; whatever a person doesnít do, the person will be criticized.Criticism should be expected regardless of what we do or don't do.

  • Our convictions shouldnít be like the wind that may change from one day to another, but like gravity that never forgets and never sleeps

  • The main thing for those that like to stay in a rut, is that it isnít dangerous, that is except for the danger of never being.

  • Almost always, things are darker when looking down then when looking up.

  • We judge all the time; for instance we judge that it is easier to walk through a doorway than the adjacent wall; when we judge another however, we make only walls and no doorways.

  • In our youth, we all exist in a landfill where truth and falsehoods have been dumped, with far more of the latter than the former; the task of youth is try and identify that which is true and exit the landfill with the fewest number of falsehoods as possible.

  • It seems that there are some that have discovered that since two wrongs donít make a right that they need to keep on adding more wrongs hoping to find out how many do.

  • The blind need no eyes to distinguish meanness from kindness, and like everyone else, they have no need to distinguish because of skin-color even though many that are sighted do so anyway with a blindness within the mind.

  • In general, it is better to not let most others know of our long-term goals, as it is the tendency of many, that are frustrated in their own seeking, to place barriers in the way of others when they can.

  • It seems as though when we have no major problems, we do as newscasters do; we take small problems and make them large. .

  • Be wary of those that laugh at others but are unwilling to find the humor in themselves.

  • Choosing is an inescapable part of conscious living; even when choosing to not choose something, a choice has already been made; when choosing to abide by the choices of another, a choice has already been made. Even within ourselves, we make the choices that our thoughts will follow.

  • Our unrealistic expectations of others is the main reason that we become so upset when we find that someone has lied to us.

  • Saving is a hellish torment to the spendthrift.

  • No recognized genius ever got recognized by cowering from criticism.

  • There are those, that when encountering another, change as much as does an actor on stage once the curtain is raised, and maintains that character until the curtain falls and is alone again.

  • It is true that time tends to change everything, but if you want some predictability in that change, it is wise to intervene on time.

  • It is helpful, to think about anything in life that we wish were different, as falling into one of two categories, those things which we merely prefer to be different, and those things that we care enough about to try and change. Thus, when we encounter something that we donít like, but are yet unwilling to try and change, it immediately falls into the category of: ďI donít care.Ē In this way it is easy to mentally put what are only preferences behind us and concentrate on the things that we care enough to give the very best of ourselves.

  • When a person blames another for what he has done, he has failed a second time.

  • Most people make sure that the burial site is nearby when they bury the hatchet, and seldom do they ever forget its exact location

  • Those with no power become as corrupt as those with great power; the difference is that the corruption of the powerless lacks the power to cause great harm except to themselves.


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