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  • A true pessimist sees the glass as bone dry when it is running over, a true optimist as running over when it is bone dry. The realist sees it as a source to quench thirst.

  • Happiness is like a handful of water, the tighter we grasp it, the faster it is lost.

  • Our ability to remember is like the elephantís memory whenever we receive a compliment or endure an insult.

  • The most reliable way for you to be widely remembered is to be persecuted for your beliefs.

  • The tendency of those that disparage anotherís religion is roughly proportional to their insecurity about their own religion.

  • If everything looks perfect, then you probably need bifocals and a mirror.

  • Rest doesnít strengthen a muscle, anymore than reason is strengthened by emotion.

  • No baby is born free. Constraints abound, and are to be severed by knowledge and the burning desire to become free.

  • It is impossible to tell if another is happy or unhappy, without that person saying so. We should never make an independent judgment about anotherís happiness.

  • Without knowing the sting of defeat, could we ever know the joy of success?

  • When we say "why?" we are never given a compete answer, only one that may satisfy us.

  • "Understanding" is the sprinkler system that extinguishes the fire of any anger directed at you.

  • "Chicken Little" wears many disguises in his attempt to cause us to always fear the worst.

  • Self-interest is behind every act of generosity and selfishness, the only difference being that generosity also entails the intention of benefiting others.

  • To discover that which is "right" or "wrong", donít look to others or look into history, as they are merely the opinions of others for their own lives. The only reliable source for any individual is to look deeply into oneís self.

  • It is obvious that to develop oneís muscles, one must constantly put them under stress to do more; the mind is no different; one shouldnít expect the mind to develop by repetitive thoughts but by grasping at new thoughts that tax oneís understandings.

  • It is said that the wisest person is the one that knows what he doesnít know, but is it possible to know such a thing since it is impossible for mankind to comprehend even the smallest bit of what is knowable and none of that which will always be unknowable?

  • Time is a poison that we are forced to take daily; how we differ is in how much tolerance we each have to its toxic effects.

  • We become jaded to the miracles that abound around us in life itself; if a thousand scientists worked their entire lives, they would never be able to make even an ant starting with just the antís raw materials.

  • Eat, drink, and be merry is strange advice since the first two are prerequisites for remaining alive and the last is dependant upon circumstances that one is in and canít be commanded into existence.

  • The common tendency to be dissatisfied with life, and the feeling that happiness somehow lies within our next purchase, are both negative feedbacks coming from something deep inside of us telling us that something is very wrong,

  • Some lead their lives as though theyíre in a race to see who can get to the finish line first.

  • The most important friend that one will ever have is oneself; the most hurtful enemy that one will ever have is also oneself.

  • Wisdom is the fabric, woven from thread, thread that was spun from many years of lifeís experiences.

  • When one starts fearing whether or not there will be a bowel movement, constipation will follow; likewise when one starts fearing whether there will be a creative thought, there will be none. Fear is the great inhibitor of life, pervading the most basic to the most profound parts of our existence.

  • The values of all of us are varied and are also relative to circumstances. Almost all of us would value a ingot of gold more highly than a pine tree log, that is unless one were making the choice while in the ocean and a mile from shore.

  • I would gladly be willing to give up a year of my life in exchange for reading what will be the history of the next hundred years; this I would do even if next week would have been the beginning of my last year.

  • Money is not the medium for purchasing contentment, and the mindless pursuit of money will always purchase discontentment.

  • That we were all created equal is a fantasy; that all could become equal is a dream; that we could ever treat all others equally a hope; that we could all treat one another as equals should be our goal.

  • As rapidly as the world is changing, it may become more important to be able to unlearn than to learn.

  • We would all be humble if we would only recognize that our abilities are pitifully few while our inabilities are near infinite.

  • Itís amazing what we learned after we knew it all,

  • No matter how great the crowd when we dream and when we suffer, we do so all alone.

  • One is not always harmed by criticism nor always helped by praise.

  • If one canít find examples of personal madness, then it is likely that one hasnít found much of oneís self.


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Page 11 of  161

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