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  • What at great distance may seem an impenetrable wall may be seen as a stairway when closer.

  • Integrity like charity should start at home.

  • If something canít be verified, it probably isnít.

  • Determination will triumph over determinism every time.

  • We can become corrupted by our own talents when we start believing that we deserved our gifts.

  • Often, the things that we are most interested in arenít what is most in our interests.

  • When many seek the unknowable, they often invent the imaginary that they then will call reality.

  • There are many that respond to the happiness of others, as though happiness had a finite existence; so if it increased in another, it would decrease in them.

  • Those that believe that normal is natural have made an icon of mediocrity.

  • What we now call progress was at one time called impossible.

  • One of the curses of an ordinary person is in not knowing what is worth worrying over, and what isnít. Nothing can be gained by worrying about whether there is life after death, though there just might be reason to worry about oneís future residence if there is.

  • One of the main purposes of life is to propose purpose when none is found.

  • Knowledge and wisdom are like our two legs, as knowledge can exist without wisdom, and wisdom can exist without knowledge. A fool is one that is "legless".

  • Some believe that the only way to straighten a crooked man is to hang him.


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Page 11 of  131

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