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  • The disadvantaged can rise if we provide them a ladder, but they still must do the climbing.

  • There needs to be a branch of law solely devoted to suing lawyers for malpractice. This would be the surest way of getting legislation that reins in our outrageous court settlements.

  • Often saying the word "justice" is just a politically correct way of saying "revenge".

  • If any group finds that everything is going well, someone invariably will find a reason to get the government involved to improve things.

  • Reality is independent of our beliefs or disbeliefs in it. Reality cannot be created by beliefs; although many politicians and theologians make a career of attempting.

  • In every nation, citizens have retained one right that the state cannot deprive. That right is the right to self-delusion.

  • The most productive arena of exploration is not outer space, but the inner space of our minds. That we donít do more in this field may be evidence of our fears for what might be discovered.

  • It is surprising how so many think that something so precious as peace can be obtained cheaply without any expenditure of money and blood.

  • Political ads seem aimed at attracting the maximum number of fools at the lowest cost per fool.

  • The most predictable way of uniting seemingly disparate groups is to wage aggression against all of them.

  • One of Americaís greatest strengths lies in its cultural diversity that prevents any one group from feeling entirely comfortable in their own beliefs. Those differences constantly challenge us to recognize that our beliefs are far from universal.

  • It is doubtful if any society was ever ready for complete sincerity from their political leaders.

  • Wars come from the imbalance of power; while peace is sustained by a balancing of respect for others.

  • Words, in the hands of politicians, are used like scalpels to sever the mind from its reason.


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