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  • The religions that we attach to are primarily the result of our upbringing and our neuroses. Reason, if existing at all in this choice, is near irrelevant.

  • The two great questions that religion should be concerned with are: What is the "nature" of God, and "What does God expect of mankind". Organized religions however, believe that they already know these answers, and that they also know that all other religions are wrong.

  • Politics and religion are topics that are wisely avoided in friendly conversation. The reason why this is so, is that both have attracted followers that choose points of view that most fit their neurotic fears. As such, reason, the means usually employed in these conversations, is useless since these are emotions operating, not rational thoughts.

  • The only ones that may be truly lost are those that enter no door.

  • There are few objective clues as to what God may be, but there numerous objective clues as to what He is not.

  • If God wanted all of mankind to accept the many dogmas of religions, then why did he create some with the intellect and reason that allows, perhaps even compels, them to escape the crushing gravity of dogmas, and soar into the vast unknown to seek Him?

  • The world's many religions may be as many doors that enter the same room.

  • Some members of religions seem to believe that their particular religion is like a very exclusive club that has accepted them, while all others are to be looked down upon.

  • The word faith is reserved for those things that not only haven't been proven, but also have no hope of being so. Those that criticize the faith of others because they aren't provable are like those that would criticize sparrows because they aren't chickens.


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Page 11 of  67

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