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  • The most beautiful objects, and the most beautiful people, all lose their beauty when viewed through a microscope. Beauty, as well as many of our thoughts, requires overlooking most of the smallest details.

  • Some people give to others in much the same way that they give their teeth to a dentist.

  • It should be a kind of crime to destroy a hope of another; for no matter how ill-founded that hope may be, that ill-founded hope may be the only thing that sustains that person from day to day.

  • We would be freer of fears were they not such handy instruments to manipulate one another.

  • Frankness is uttered, but rudeness is heard.

  • A sawmill produces sawdust, but that is not its purpose; in much the same way, a wisely lived life produces happiness, although that also is not its purpose.

  • We learn nothing by recognizing the faults of others, but we could learn something of ourselves by trying to understand why we notice any faults in another.

  • One very self-destructive belief is that the state of euphoria should be a constant in life and that this state should be sought. This invariably leads to the use of drugs and other addictive products that eventually makes any euphoria a memory.

  • Fraud is illegal except for the kind that we practice on ourselves.

  • If we borrow something from another that is not physical, like an idea or a quote, how can it ever be repaid? Is it not really stolen?

  • Whenever we go overboard about something, we never fail to “reboard” so that we can do it again on something else.

  • Error is an inevitability of living, and like all unpleasantries, they are best put quickly behind us but not forgotten as to their causes.

  • Exaggeration is truth that is being treated as if it were a rubber band instead of an inflexible accurate description of what exists or existed.

  • There are some, having forgotten where they were going, increase their speed to compensate for the loss.

  • A gift of love is a more precious gift than any object, but it is often not recognized as such because it arrived, accompanied by an object.

  • Instead of making examples for others to follow, we need more of those who will make new paths for others to follow.

  • We should always be faithful to ourselves, and if need be, appear faithful to the majority’s beliefs.

  • It is said that we bear grudges because they are a heavy burden to carry.

  • Whenever mankind sets about to compensate for anything, it invariably results in overcompensation.

  • Fantasy is a land well worth visiting, and even more worth leaving.

  • To possess a fault is not a fault in itself, but to nurture a fault is the worst of faults.

  • We should never deny of another what we will permit of ourselves.

  • Look upon a favor, granted or received, as a gift that doesn’t obligate except for the show of gratitude.

  • One should always remember that when you buy a dog, you buy its fleas.

  • We would not have left the womb except by force; so yet today we still rebel when any force is applied against us.

  • If we are inclined to climb to a great height, we shouldn’t fault others for not placing a net below us.

  • Unlike a coo-coo, another can not hatch our obligations; obligations can only originate within us. Whenever another does something that causes us to feel the need to reciprocate, we need to always remember that the feeling originated within. This is also as true about retribution as obligations.

  • How strange it is that we can agree with so many others on their conclusions but dispute all of their assumptions.

  • Grief is always custom made for its wearer, and can never be shared no matter how sincere the effort.

  • One test of character is the ability to examine one’s habits, and then be able to discard those habits that no longer serve our aspirations.

  • Living in harmony with others is ideal; living in harmony within oneself is essential.

  • Wanting to possess that which was never earned is like wanting to harvest that which was never sown.

  • Haste often leads to waste, but it is also true, that waste often leads to even further haste.

  • Worse than those that listen but do not hear, are those that listen and then misunderstand.

  • We tend to regard others as hard-hearted when they use reason where we would use emotion.

  • Heredity is a handy thing to keep around for the times when one can’t escape the blame for an apparent character flaw.

  • In many cases it requires more bravery to remain different within a group, than it does to remain in a group that is marching into battle.

  • We tend to think of inventing as desirable for mankind, and in most cases it is; but, when one starts inventing truths, there is seldom any benefits except to the inventor.

  • One indication that a person has character is refusing to tip for poor service in a restaurant where good service is expected.

  • It is strange how honesty is more practiced with others than it is with ourselves.

  • Those, that claim to have no fears, have just inferred that they fear that others may think of them as cowards.

  • It seems to be a kind of American custom to disparage what they already have, by casting their eyes on what they don’t have.

  • With insightful thoughts, as in giving birth, much must be done between conception and delivery.

  • What may seem like a hypocrite may be only someone that is holding up an ideal to grow into.


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