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  • When young, we worried what others thought of us; now older, we worry whether anyone will think about us at all.

  • Every time we find someone irritating or remember someone that we just can’t stand, opens a door into better understanding ourselves, a doorway that we should enter and not just chalk it up to the way others are. This should tell us more of ourselves than of others.

  • When someone is “Out of their head” it probably is for a very good reason, and should raise the question as to whether the person should ever go back in.

  • It is one of life’s greatest gifts to exist in a near constant state of wonder, yet we would never elect someone to any office that claims to.

  • Wars will change maps but they will never change the nature of man no matter how self-destructive they may be.

  • It is characteristic of youth to be aware of the injuries received but oblivious of those delivered.

  • One advantage that men have over women is that if they don’t like their faces, they can hide them under hair.

  • Molecules of water, that are frozen, are unable to move and therefore have the virtue of predictability. Molecules of water in their liquid and gaseous states are free to move about and no longer have predictability as to where they will be. So it also is with nations; those nations that want predictability of their citizens will try and freeze the culture and resist change. Those nations that provide freedom to their citizens appear chaotic, but in their apparent chaos, they welcome change and progress and a better life for their citizens.

  • It is easy to criticize, but difficult to make something worthy of attracting criticism.

  • There is a very fine line between perseverance and obsession, a line so fine that no one, not even its owner can detect.

  • The most accurate name for those in the future, that are completely inflexible to change, isn’t “conservative”, it is “extinct”.”

  • Disillusionment is a word that has negative connotations for most, but for those that like to deal with reality, it is the doorway through which we gain insight into both ourselves and those about us.

  • The pathway that leads to personal happiness has no name because each person’s pathway is that person’s alone; it starts from a location specific to that person; it involves a means specific to that person; and it involves a timetable specific to that person. There is no “one pathway fits all” that others can provide; in fact the only pathway is found within the individual, and not in books, lectures, and sermons. It is available to all who are not afraid to face what they fear within and refuse to recoil and turn back from what they discover.

  • It is a fact of life to know of life’s beginning, but its ending could be what we are now mistakenly calling its middle.

  • We should feel about our work as if it were play, but we shouldn’t work as though it were play.

  • There is a state of being, that for want of a better word, can be called detachment; detachment from not just the things about us but detachment even from oneself. In this state, it is easy to recognize how insignificant we are and how much we strive for the illusion of significance even though that illusion is momentary. In this state, one senses the infinite and feels apart of the infinite even in one’s finiteness. In this state, one senses neither fear nor desire, only a sense of tranquility that seems to unite with others in both time and space, and transcends mere existence. For these few moments, we become more than we ever thought ourselves to be yet none of what we long believed ourselves to be.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 101 of  161

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