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  • Facts are to our beliefs, as skeletons are to our bodies; without either, there would be nothing to provide support.

  • Beliefs are assumptions that we’ hug tightly.

  • “Forgotten But Not Gone” is the epitaph for the long deceased beliefs of our childhoods.

  • One very self-destructive belief is that the state of euphoria should be a constant in life and that this state should be sought. This invariably leads to the use of drugs and other addictive products that eventually makes any euphoria a memory.

  • Theories, not born of facts, are destined to live perilously if not stillborn.

  • In most cases, freedom is only a state of mind. One can be free with little wealth, and enslaved while having enormous wealth. Freedom is only the feeling of being unconstrained, a condition that is sadly prevented when fears and desires are allowed to develop without rational restraints. Without harnessing fears and desires, freedom is no more possible than if a person were enchained.

  • Even if reincarnation were true, what reason is there that I should care for someone that I don’t remember and can’t be sure even exists?

  • Fate is whatever happened to those that felt unable to have altered the results.

  • The fact that a theory has never been shown to have an exception, doesn’t make the theory true, but it does make it more probable.

  • It may be as pleasant to assume the equality of the unequal, as it is also pleasant for the child to assume that many things are, but also aren’t.

  • An excuse is an explanation including a plea for forgiveness.

  • The total absence of doubt does not necessarily imply certainty, as it also implies the possibility of total ignorance.

  • Life has no innate protocol although our lives are lived as though they did.

  • Exaggeration is truth that is being treated as if it were a rubber band instead of an inflexible accurate description of what exists or existed.

  • A gift of love is a more precious gift than any object, but it is often not recognized as such because it arrived, accompanied by an object.

  • Evil is often the handmaiden of good intentions.

  • It seems to be our nature to believe whatever we want to believe, and therefore what we will continue to believe will be arbitrary until we want to believe only that which is verifiable.

  • A young person’s plans for the rest of life should be regarded as a form of helpful amusement.

  • Freedom is a meaningless platitude if we only apply it to circumstances that tend to benefit us but tends to enslave others.

  • Although faith may do splendidly in reducing our fears, it does nothing to reduce our dangers, and in many cases increases our dangers.

  • Truth can be used as a Trojan Horse that hides many lies hidden within.

  • Expecting others to behave fairly is rational only if all have agreed to comply with the same rules; in the absence of such agreements, it is wise to assume that others will be playing different games with rules of their own.

  • Perhaps some of the things that we claim to know by faith will be proven true and some will be proven false, but there is no means, known to mortals, to immediately determine which is which.

  • We should always be faithful to ourselves, and if need be, appear faithful to the majority’s beliefs.

  • Falsehoods may flow from deceit, but more often they flow from ignorance.

  • It isn’t important what our parents were; what is important is what we thought they were.

  • Look upon a favor, granted or received, as a gift that doesn’t obligate except for the show of gratitude.

  • It is not money, or the love of money, that is the root of all evil; it is, and always has and will be, fear. Even greed is born of the fear of possible deprivation.

  • No matter how intense our feelings are about our beliefs, we need to remember that countless millions have died for beliefs, that today, no one cares about and perhaps can’t even identify what they were.

  • Flattery is half truth and half lie dipped in honey.


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