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  • The most valuable things which we’ve ever learned were never taught.

  • There are two kinds of “turn the other cheek” people. One is the usual kind and the other is “turn the other cheek so I can bash it too.”

  • Of all of the things in life which are addicting, nothing is as broadly addictive as power; and the greater the power the greater is its addiction.

  • It is wise to assume that every statement of fact is a hypothesis, which may or may not be believed by any who declare it to be so. By holding a “fact” as a hypothesis, it is easier to rid ourselves of them if contradictory evidence is found. Thus, we become evolving individuals which are less inclined to becoming relics of the past who held fast to the past.

  • For many it might be that their idea of Hell would be spending an eternity if Heaven with no cigarettes.

  • High school students need to recognize that although there is no end of distractions to the young, that these years represent a time of needing to build a foundation under their lives which have to support their future.

  • In the past, there was the expectation that the following generations would have a more enriching life that did the generations which preceded them. That dream has collapsed because of the unbridled desire to gain what was desired without the expenditure of time, sweat and treasure. Such expectations can only be realized by using debt to rob those of the future. In other words, the American Dream has been a Ponzi scheme on a scale never before approached.

  • One of the main reasons that history is so dull is that it keeps repeating itself.

  • The strongest test of one’s power over others is when that power is exercised only as a last resort.

  • By far, the biggest and most tragic waste of our planet’s natural resources isn’t what we read about; rather it is the immense amount of undeveloped human talent which goes into the grave daily.

  • One of the most self-destructive states of the human mind is when we start believing that we know that which is unknowable. When it comes to the future, it will always be unknowable; however that doesn’t mean that we can’t assign some probability to it. Here again we make the mistake of thinking that we know the probability of some event in the future. In other words, we tend to believe that we know the probability of the probability of what is going to happen. Therefore, we grope into the darkness and like to imagine that we have seized a fragment of the future when all that we have grasped is only a shadow of what it might be.

  • Few things are as corrupting as receiving sudden wealth.

  • Even though a stopped clock will be right twice a day, one that runs one second slow per day won’t be right in over a century.


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