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  • Taking liberty with the truth is like taking a bite out of an apple; it is no longer whole and is no longer suitable to be passed on to another.

  • One of the most attractive qualities of a person is the ear, and not just a any ear, but the one that is attuned to the words of others.

  • If idleness is the Devil’s workshop, we shouldn’t worry as long as the workshop remains idle too.

  • A little knowledge isn’t necessarily a dangerous thing until one starts believing the knowledge is large and then acts on it.

  • The person that is unable to unlearn most of what was learned as a child is doomed to remain an ever-aging child.

  • The argument that goes- “What would the world be like if everyone acted like you?” misses an important point, that being oneself will never cause an appreciable number of imitators, let alone the whole world.

  • We should never forget the harm that we’ve done to another, lest we do the same again in our ignorance.

  • Making love, is to a lasting relationship, as mortar is to the bricks of a wall; you can have the mortar without the brick wall and you can have a brick wall without the mortar, at least for a while.

  • Most of the stupid things we do are the result of acting on impulses instead of rational thoughts; this is most evident in those that have been reared by being sheltered from the consequences of their impulsive acts. The person that finds joy in small things is blessed; the person that only finds joy in major things is cursed.

  • The judgments that we tend to make, day to day, are little more than disguised expressions as to whether we like or dislike something. Whereas a judgment often causes another to believe that some feature of the judged is the true source of the judgment.

  • It is not kindness to be kind to those that choose to take advantage of the kindness of others as it is also not kind to offer a tiger a piece of meat with one’s hands.

  • The easiest place to lead others, is to where the followers perceive that their needs will be met. The most difficult place is to where the followers perceive that only their leader’s needs will be met.

  • The most important things to learn when young are the pitfalls and successes of those that have traveled the road that we will someday.

  • Leisure isn’t the same as idleness, though on occasion it may seem so; leisure is the freedom to choose from among all of one’s alternatives, only one of which is idleness.

  • In America, we live as locusts devouring the stores of the ants, making sure that those of the future will have nothing but what they can produce on their own.

  • Although it is undoubtedly true that “If I think, therefore I am.”, it is also becoming painfully true that “If I don’t think therefore I am not.”

  • Whenever we attempt to justify anything, we reach for a crutch that we hope will enable us to continue with or be excused of whatever we justified.

  • The limits on what we can do will always be theoretical; for even though we have done our best for today, we are yet to know what we can do tomorrow.

  • One of the qualities of a mature mind is the wanting to hear that which is unpleasant, but none-the-less necessary for one’s progress.

  • One should never grow weary of giving kindnesses just because they go unrecognized; for even though many seeds of a tree never sprout, we still have forests.

  • We can more understand another, not by observing the grand things that they do, but by observing the small things that they do.

  • Pure love makes no demands, not even to be loved in return.

  • The things that are said, while sexually excited, might be excused as being been said by reasons of temporary insanity.


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