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  • The greatest threats to oneís long-term plans are oneís short-term wants.

  • With many, reality is only hibernating, just waiting to be thawed by lifeís disillusionments.

  • One can have an unfair advantage over others if willing to work hard and long enough to succeed. This is unfair because competitors are generally lacking in that degree of willingness and will wilt along the way.

  • To apologize and then justify what was done, means that the apology was insincere.

  • The greatest enemies of creativity arenít our ignorance; they are our habits, habits that dictate that ones actions, thoughts, and beliefs remain unchanged.

  • All freedoms came into being by the actions of others, and will only be preserved by the later actions of still others; as it is the nature of mankind to not only deny freedom to others but when possible to take it from them also.

  • It is amazing what one can accomplish when the clarity of the mind allows intense focus on a particular end; it is alarming what one can't accomplish when the lack of clarity of oneís mind causes our focus to diffuse over several ends.

  • It is a sign of our weakness to feel elevated by compliment or feel lessened by criticism; neither of these increase what we are, and to be influenced in any way by them means that what we are, is in part, what others judge us to be.

  • The direct pursuit of happiness is fraught with the peril of being induced by drugs and other self-destructive pursuits. Happiness, when and if ever it comes, comes as an accompaniment to fulfilling that which is unique and imbedded deep within each of us. For this reason philosophers have enjoined us to look within and not without. Will modern man ever shun materialism as being equivalent or necessary for happiness?

  • The most direct way to determine how contented a person is with what they are is to find out how discontented they are with what they have, because it is a near certainty that their self-discontent is projected into the things about them.

  • Wisdom is no more certain of arriving with age than is foolishness with youth; however the latter are frequent traveling partners.

  • The greatest personal power lies in the ability to act without choosing to act unless required. Those that demonstrate their power in acting without its need are merely expressing their fear of being perceived weak.

  • The easiest way to avoid peer-pressure is to not be a peer.

  • The greatest thing in the world cannot be seen; it is love. The smallest things in the world cannot be overlooked; they are our flaws.

  • Many would prefer to live in a fantasy world, where they can pretend that they have great undiscovered talents, than to express those talents and take the risk of finding out that their talents werenít so great after all; the danger in not expressing those talents is that they might actually have great talents that will now go to the grave without ever being discovered..

  • Those that tend to focus on lifeís deficiencies tend to encounter greater deficiencies; those that tend to focus of lifeís abundances tend to receive even greater abundances.

  • We often remark that others just donít understand us, but we should wonder how they could when weíve just begun to understand ourselves?

  • One should always be growing, but not growing as to cast a shadow over others and stunt their growth.

  • Mankind has barely cracked open the door to let in the light of all that is, but mistakenly believes that the current light is most of what is.

  • Acting on impulses most often presents regrets while acting on deliberate thoughts seldom do; for this reason we should regard our impulses as saboteurs of our interests and of those that we love.


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Page 102 of  161

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